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Redemptive movies continue performing well at the box office

Redemptive movies continue to draw crowds to theaters and to perform well at box offices. With a budget of $12MM (estimated) Heaven Is for Real has brought in a GROSS $84MM (USA). God's Not Dead had a budget of $2MM (estimated) and has brought in a GROSS of $59MM (USA). Son of God had a budget of $22MM and has brought in a GROSS $68MM (Worldwide) | $60MM (USA). Mom's Night Out, which opened mid May, had a $5MM budget and has already brought in a GROSS $8MM (USA). All of these 2014 redemptive movies are still in the theaters and continue to bring in ticket sales.

Redemptive movies have staying power in theaters

Opening weekend Return to the Hiding Place has had MULTIPLE SOLD OUT PREMIERS in select areas throughout the nation. In these select areas the film plays through May 29. This movie is also due for a wider release in the fall. More info at .

According to the 2014 Annual Movieguide Report to the Entertainment Industry, redemptive, family-friendly, patriotic films are earning more money at the American box office each year. The report states that for the first time, nine of the top 10 grossing movies in 2013 at both domestic and international box offices, had family-oriented themes, including Iron Man 3, Frozen and Man of Steel. “There is a great incentive to make movies that are good, true and beautiful. There is an audience out there, and studio heads – even ones that aren’t Christian – have intentions to reach this audience,” states Movieguide founder Dr. Ted Baehr.

The 80 page report, which has been published by Movieguide for 22 years, broke down box office statistics regarding theatrical earnings and content. The study noted that movies with faith-based, redemptive worldviews and themes in the top-25 category averaged $87.07 million at the box office, and those with secular, non-faith-based, unredemptive worldviews and themes averaged $21.64 million. Only four R-rated films made the cut in the Movieguide study and came in between 15th and 19th in earnings.

According to Movieguide, movies that had no foul language, like Frozen, earned the most (an average of $65.81 million), while films with more than 25 incidences of profanity, like "Wolf of Wall Street,” averaged just $30.43 million and did not make the top 25. Similarly, according to Movieguide, films without any sexual content earned more than films with significant nudity or sexual content. "Contrary to popular opinion, sex does not really sell," the study found.

"Moviegoers clearly prefer the types of positive, family friendly movies with biblical and morally uplifting content,” the study revealed. The report also stated that movies reflecting strong Pro-American, conservative, and moral content or values, such as Iron Man 3, Captain Phillips, and Lone Survivor earned more overall than films without such content or values. The study found that none of the top 10 overseas movies had an R-rating, that none of them depicted sexual content, and that they had no sexual references.

"If studio executives, filmmakers, actors and stockholders want to make more money they should adopt these spiritually uplifting standards, theology and ethics," the report concluded.

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