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Redefine what Valentine's Day means to you

Love is in the air
Love is in the air
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and from all accounts people, especially women, are going absolutely crazy. Who knew a made up day could bring such anxiety and sorrow for so many people. Single people this may sound harsh but no one loves you any other day, why should it matter on February 14? Just kidding, kind of.

People get so bent out of shape about a day that was probably created by Hallmark and does not prove whether someone loves you or not. You don’t even get the day off so can it really be considered a holiday?

Let’s be honest about what Valentines Days really is, it’s a day for women in relationships to rub their relationship in other peoples face. Women force men to send enormous bouquets of flowers to work, not for their woman but for the women in the office. If it wasn’t for show, he could easily send the flowers to your house, you know, where you live. But what fun is that if people can’t SEE how much he loves you.

After the gigantic flowers have been sent to your job, next comes the expensive Valentine’s Day pre-fixed dinner every restaurant in the world has. Nothing says romance like being crammed inside a restaurant with a hundred other people you don’t know all professing their love, rather loudly, for each other while going through bottle after bottle of champagne getting drunker and drunker losing all inhibitions, it really gets good when said drunk couple next to you starts to do things with the complimentary chocolate covered strawberries that every restaurant hands out because it’s sexy…Can you just smell the fun.

This isn’t a bitter post, it’s a realistic one, I’ve spent plenty of Valentine’s Day in said situations and I must say, I did not feel the love nor did I enjoy myself. Why did I do it you ask, well, I was in a relationship and I thought it was what you were supposed to do. I will be honest with you, I don’t really understand Valentine’s Day; it seems like a lot of pressure with very little reward. Flowers die, candy is devoured and it seems like by February 15 the lovers are back to not talking to each other again. It just seems like a waste of time.

Maybe we should redefine what this day means to all of us, single or otherwise. What if we just all relaxed and treated each other with the same kind of love and affection we want on February 14, like every day? What if your lover/significant other/side man/woman, whatever you’re into treated you with love consistently, how awesome would that be?

But if you must celebrate Valentine’s Day, and right now I’m talking to my single ladies, here are some ideas for you. The last thing I want you to do is sit in the house with a bucket of ice cream surrounded by empty bottles of Prosecco watching the Notebook crying about how you wished you had a love like the main characters. That is unless that’s how you spend most weekends then carry on.

  1. Grab some of your friends and go to your favorite bar. You will not find any couples sitting around feeding each other, what you will find are other singles looking to have a great time.
  2. Have a little gathering at one of your friends place and learn how to pole dance. Find a studio in your area that offers classes and book a professional to come and teach you and your girls how to work a pole. It’s a great way to get in shape and you never know, it may come in handy one day. This economy is bad, you never know.
  3. Go to a reggae club and get your swirl on. Nothing will put a smile on your face faster than slow winding with a random dreaded out stranger. Just be careful sucking down those rum runners, they are potent.
  4. Go away for the weekend. Since its freezing everywhere in the US, fly to the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico for a little rest and relaxation.
  5. Buy a pair of Red Bottoms and stare at them all night. I mean how can you be sad with a hot pair of new shoes.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy, you are your own Valentine so treat yourself with the love you deserve.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Leave and comment and tell me how you decided to celebrate

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