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Redecorating for free - or close to it

Refinish to reuse
Refinish to reuse
Fox Chapel Publishing

When you get bored with the same decor but you cant afford to buy new stuff what do you do? You repurpose. If you're tired of something in one room see if it will work in another. Not only is it frugal, its green too.

The cheapest way to change up your decor is to shop at home. that's right, shop in your own home. Walk through your house, dig in your attic, mosey through the garage, and truly look at what you have. An old table could be a new desk. Night stands can become your new end tables and vice versa. That old chest of drawers in the garage could become a new movie cabinet. An old dresser could become a new buffet. Maybe that odd drawer could be a new shadow box. And that old filing cabinet, well it could be home to your detergents and cleaners in the laundry room, or dressed up to hold diapers and baby items in the nursery.

Instead of buying new lamps change the shades, recover, or decorate them. Don't need that coat hook anymore? Move it to the bathroom for wet towels, or use to hang the hair dryer, curling iron, etc. That key rack can go in the kitchen for potholders or utensils. Wicker baskets are a dream for decorating. You can use them for so many things, from storing bowl lids to holding magazines, newspapers, and remote controls.

A cheap fix in any room is draperies and accent pillows. A simple change to these can transform the whole room. Accent pillows can easily be recovered to look like new in a matter of minutes. Some new drapes or curtains can be fashioned almost as easily. The material doesn't have to be expensive. Wal-Mart has a fairly good selection at reasonable prices. Often you can find material at thrift stores or yard sales for a fraction of the cost as well.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Figure out what you need or want then see what you have that could fill that purpose. So until next time, happy saving!