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Reddit used only $500 worth of stickers over 9 years to advertise site

Did you know? Reddit is said to be the front page of the internet full of peer approved commentaries.

peer approved commentaries

Reddit is a platform for internet communities where end users votes shape what the world is talking about.

One of my favorite YouTube channel is Alltime10s. I came across the following video titled, “10 Remarkable Facts about Reddit" here.

Check out this top ten list from Alltime10s displayed here in the opposite order:

  1. According to Popular Mechanics, “Founders Amexis Ohanian & Stevee Huffman’s 1st idea was mymobile menu a takeout ordering app.”
  2. According to Business Insider and Reddit, “Reddit is split into ‘sub reddits’ where users post content on topics like politics or TV.”
  3. According to Entertainment Weekly, “Reddit holds the record for the World’s Biggest Secret Santa.”
  4. According to sources Popular Mechanics and Alexis Ohanian; “the site was almost named Reditt, Popvox, Obaloo or 360scope.”
  5. According to Popular Mechanics, “when Reddit launched, the founders set up fake accounts to make it seem more active than it actually was.”
  6. According to Fast Company, “since Reddit was founded in 2005 only $500 has been spent on advertising the site.”
  7. According to sources Alexis Ohanian, Reddit, NASDAQ; “the 1st post on reddit was made on June 25,2005 by Alexis Ohanian which linked to a website about UK documents on the Iraq Was, the post was voted down.”
  8. According to the sources the Atlantic and NY Times, “many sub reddits have caused controversy especially those with racist or sexual content.”
  9. According to the following sources Greenspace, Mashable and TED; “there’s a humpback whale named Mr. Splashy Pants thanks to Reddit.”
  10. According to the following sources Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, Gizmodo and Kotaki; “a CERN Scientist who resembles Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman was sent a crowbar by Reddit users.”

Be sure to check out the attached YouTube video here titled, “10 Remarkable Facts about Reddit.”

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