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Reddit compiles list of games affected by GameSpy shutdown

'Battlefield 1942'
'Battlefield 1942'
Battlefield wiki

In response to GameSpy expected shutdown of its multiplayer servers, Reddit users have compiled a list of games that will be and maybe impacted.


It has been confirmed that 13 games will be affected by the shutdown while six games while the status of over +50 games are unclear at the moment. Among the most notable games with an unknown fate are classic titles like Quake II along with modern games like Crysis and several Tom Clancy games.

However given that almost 800 publishers use GameSpy servers to host their online online games, this may be an incomplete list for the moment.

Meanwhile it has been confirmed that six games will unaffected while another six look promising but it has not been officially confirmed. has confirmed that Rockstar Games and Activision will not be affected by the shutdown. Meanwhile Bohemia Interactive is in the process of transitioning its remaining game from GameSpy to Steam servers.

Nintendo however will be abandoning titles that rely on GameSpy servers while SEGA, Volition, and Namco Bandai have begun looking into their options. They could try looking for alternative servers or abandon them if its not financially viable.

Emanuel Maiberg of PC Gamer has noted that like the rumored shutdown of Games for Windows Live, its up to the publishers if feel its in their interest to develop a patch to switch servers or abandon the titles.

GameSpy is scheduled to be shutdown on May 31, 2014 and unless the publishers have switched servers the games will no longer have an online multiplayer feature.

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