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Redbull presents Battlegrounds Detroit Starcraft tournament

Sunday August 24, 2014 at The Garden Theater in Detroit. The crowd is already in an uproar as a squad of Hellion, Terran race, assault vehicles deals the final blow ending the 3 day journey crowning the Detroit winner of Redbull’s Battleground Detroit to be Choi Seong Hun better known under his mononym gamertag, Polt or CMStormPolt.

The Garden Theater host Redbull Battlegrounds Detroit
The Garden Theater host Redbull Battlegrounds DetroitCurtis Peterson
Polt wins Battlegrounds Detroit
Polt wins Battlegrounds DetroitCurtis Peterson

In case you missed it, Redbull the awesome energy drink driving many ESports tornaments, hosted Battlegrounds in Detroit, MI. The winner of this tournament would be able to compete on a national level in Washington against the nations best at Starcraft 2. The ever growning popularity of this real time strategy game is amazing and has a following the spends millions of players world wide playing on Blizzard’s network.

For three days, the best in Detroit’s metro area travelled to the Garden Theater on Woodward in the heart of Wayne State campus to participate and witness history in the making. Contenders went one on one until only one remained. In the slideshow you’ll be able to find exsclusive photos from the tournament including shots of our new Detroit champion Polt. Check back here for updates on the tournament and more on gaming news.