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Redbox plans to remove about 500 rental kiosks by year's end

Changes at Redbox
Changes at Redbox
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The premise is simple.

You are in the mood to watch that recent movie that may have just ended its run at your local megaplex. So you pull your vehicle up within five or so feet of your nearest Redbox kiosk and make your selection.

To say there are a lot of Redbox kiosks is an understatement. Almost 70 million Americans currently live within a five mile drive of a Redbox kiosk. You probably walk by a Redbox kiosk more than once a day. They are located inside or outside grocery stores, gas stations, drug stores, and even restaurants.

A Redbox kiosk only takes up about 12-square feet of retail space and they hold about 630 movie and game discs.

Well, Redbox is about to get a little leaner.

By the end of 2014, the company will uninstall more than 500 of it's DVD/Blu-ray machines.

Will you notice a difference?

Probably not.

There will still be over 40,000 Redbox kiosks to serve your needs.

Part of the thought here is that Redbox is running out of locations to put new machines and with any business, current spots that are underperforming are the ones that are up for elimination.

Redbox is also looking to renegotiate their deals with movie studios by the end of the year. Redbox has been hurt by some of their current deals which don't give them access to movies until they have been on retailer's shelves for a couple weeks.

Redbox is also fighting the tough batter against streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. While many are used to Redbox's $1-per day rental service, the times are a changing.

While Redbox Instant, Redbox's attempt at a streaming service hasn't really taken hold, there is some room for growth. To attract customers and subscribers to "Instant," Redbox is offering bonuses like rental credits.

So Redbox is getting leaner and meaner. Will it mean you can't walk or make that short drive to get the DVD of your choosing?

Probably not, but if current trends hold true, in about five or so years, you will have to change you movie watching and renting habits.

Per Redbox, you will still be able to get the movies and games you want in a quick and easy manner.

Redbox's convenient rent-and-return anywhere® policy and simple touch screen rental process makes movie and game renting easy. To ensure a title of choice is there for pick up, consumers also can reserve a movie or game online or via the Redbox iPhone® or Android™ mobile apps. To learn more about the rental and return process at Redbox, visit The Redbox Rental Process or to find the nearest Redbox location, visit or text 'FIND' to 727272.

Per Statisticbrain, here are some interesting facts about Redbox:

Total number of discs rented out of Redbox per minute 1,700 discs
Redbox market share of the physical DVD rental market 47.8 %
Total percentage of Redbox users who rent another movie upon return 25%
Total number of discs dished out by Redbox 3,000,000
Number of Redbox locations or kiosks nationwide 42,000
Number of Redbox movies rented per week 9.5 million
Number of Redbox movies rented per day 1.2 million
Number of Redbox movies rented per hour 54,000
Number of Redbox movies rented per minute 900
Number of Redbox movies rented per second 15
Number of new Redbox’s that opened every minute in 2010 1

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