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Redbox Instant available to public

Will it be better than Netflix?

Fresh off its beta stage, Redbox Instant is now available to the public. While its competitor Netflix has cashed in on the exclusive content with shows like House of Cards, the folks at Redbox aren't willing to dive in that deep.

Redbox Instant is a partnership between Verizon and Redbox and will give users streaming video and four DVDs from available kiosks for free. This is a trial period for a month and after it expires it will be $8 a month. The service will be available on Xbox 360 and Android devices just to name a few.

Redbox Instant is offering a more favorable deal than the Netflix service. However you won't have the same access to similar content. Due to agreement with different movie studios. Is this enough to lure you from Netflix or will you stay with what you already know?


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