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Red Wings Cool Lightning Stings

Up at the Joe Louis Arena, there're guys as graceful as a ballerina, who like to fight more than Xena.

Red Wings are not afraid to fight the Lightning.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views

A wave of shaved ice flings as you witness dings of colliding players from Thunder and Red Wings.

These guys aren't your average jockey. They play hockey and hang in places colder than Milwaukee.

Padded guys sway upon the ice. A triple toe loop would be nice. Do any have a figure skating vice?

I think it'd be interesting to see one display some flexibility, bust out an ice trick after scoring on thee.

It could be like an ice touch down, as scoring dancers don't make a frown. Where's mascot or clown;

why not have hockey cheerleaders on skates? Excitement it creates for players bursting out the gates.

Ya never know what's in store, if a give-away is right next door, or if they'll bring you to explore.

If y'all shout loud enough, trying to sound excited yet rough, your whole row might win stuff.

Try to get the attention of the lady with the pizza box. To pose for a photo like a fox, fluff your locks.

Squeeze in with friends in your aisle. Everyone say cheese and smile. Now, let's get hostile.

Scream until your face turns red. Pump up your friend, go ahead. Which of those guys just bled?

Whether the result of a hard thud, crashing into a bud or trying to fight like a stud, expect to see blood.

You will even see flexibility when the stretching goalie goes nearly all the way to splits like, “wee!”

He stretches to Fall Out Boy, but maybe he could be in joy Dancing with the Stars like the real McCoy.

Gustavsson was empowered, as his honed skills have flowered; the goalie dancing was not Howard.

The position of the goalie is influential for the kid next to me, a first grade boy who was excited to see

the Red Wings go to victory. He asks people to tell a hockey story or draw a goalie for documentary.

It's fun to watch the game with a kid excited to hear the Red Wings name. I hear it and blush in shame.

My mind goes to the gutter, as I chuckle and sputter. It's like a Beavis and Butt-head mutter.

The inner kid comes out. Jump up to dance and shout. The Red Wings are going to win, no doubt.

Go buy a jersey or a Red Wings hat. Remember the section that you sat and where your seats are at.

Pick up a hotdog on the way. Get a goalie mask to make a kid's day. It's time for another power play.

One pulls another's jersey. Smash against the glass with blood to see. Hook with a stick at the knee.

There's a player sprawled out on ice. He tried to go no matter the price. A few seconds should suffice.

He'll gather himself up. Is he okay? Yup. How many times the Wings take the Stanley Cup?

They don't just give up in defeat and say, “boy, I guess we're beat.” They charge into sleet,

a chunky ice shower flung up by skates that were Bauer. The Wings will not sit back and cower.

They take flight - though they may occasionally fight, or throw people into the glass for a delight.

There's something about seeing it live that makes one want to jump and jive. Wings score! High-five!

Crash into a snaffle. Fancy skate work will baffle. Get out your ticket to see if you won the raffle.

The Wings had 37 different players, most since early 90's naysayers; it's just added protective layers.

Don't blink during a face-off. Wait for the other guy to scoff. Don't even blink if you have to cough.

The Red Wings fly icy wind. No time to feel chagrined. Stay away from glass to avoid being pinned.

Keep your eyes on the puck. Do the ritual for good luck. Ouch! Did you see him get struck?

Twinge in imagined pain. Cheer as they conquer, eminent domain. Whack! Another score they gain.

Red Wings continue to make progress. Cheer and obsess. The Lightning is not having success.

Whether at The Joe for concert or sport, no matter on what transport, a good time will purport.

Share a night in Red Wings history, even if the cold ice can be blistery and come solve a mystery.

Will the Red Wings win or no? That's the reason to go, to help cheer them as they stand up to foe.

Wearing the color of passion and might, they just may have that win tonight in a flash of red and white.

Stare at the case of the champion, tally how many games they've won, and most important, have fun.

For more information on the Red Wings, check out The author of more than 100 books, Marisa Williams earned her Master's in Writing at the Johns Hopkins University. For more by Marisa, visit and

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