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Red Wine Review: 2007 Stellina di Notte Chianti


2007 Stellina di Notte Chianti
This 2007 Chianti is a great find. Its bouquet is filled with smells of raisins, dark berries, black cherry, and plums. These brilliantly layered aromas are followed by a velvety, smooth palette that leaves you wanting more. 
Chianti is an Italian red wine, specifically from the region of Tuscany, which is made primarily from Sangiovese grapes. In fact, Chianti must be made of at least 75% of the Sangiovese varietal. Although Stellina di Notte Chianti is not legally a Chianti Classico, this medium-bodied Sangiovese based wine could certainly hold up to some of its more acclaimed counterparts. 
Pair this wine with lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, red meats, or enjoy it all on its own.