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Red wine of the week: A Fuga Mencia


A Fuga Mencia Ribeira Sacra

A Fuga is soft, medium-bodied Mencia that fits the varietal standards with its full aroma and balanced body. As one picks up a glass of this wine for the first time, The first noticeable characteristic of the wine is its ruby color. Next, light aromas of raisins, pepper, and earth fill the nose preparing its admirer for the first taste. Although this particular wine may not make a greatest aperitif, its balanced palette is ready to stand up to nearly any dish brought to the table.

Mencia grapes are primarily grown in the Northwest of Spain in the Ribeira Sacra and Bierzo regions. This specific label was imported from the Ribeira Sacra region of Spain. Until recent DNA testing, Mencia grapes were considered a Spanish adaptation of Cabernet Franc with much debate. However, as of late, Mencia wines from Ribeira Sacra and Bierzo have been making a name for themselves.

A Fuga is a good wine. The wine is great to have on-hand as a fallback in case you need a decent red table wine. Although the bottle should be easy to spot with its flat black label and silver sixteenth notes, don’t go out of your way. At about fifteen dollars, there are plenty of red wines out there that are just as good.

Can’t find Spanish Mencia wines at the corner market? Try looking for Portuguese Jaen or a bottle of Cabernet Franc.