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Red vs. White: the debate rages on

Wine Wipes, cute and useful!
Wine Wipes, cute and useful!

It seems like every year, at some holiday party or another, your drinking options may include this epic choice: would you like to drink red, or white wine? I read a fantastic article by Diane Mapes addressing this very issue.

I love to drink red wine, and I love its health benefits. It reduces the risk of heart disease and lung cancer, and some studies have shown it to be beneficial for womens' sexual  health. However in an effort to 'drink healthy' my teeth and even the inside of my lips get very stained after just a glass or two, so usually in social settings I'll stick to white wine.

But what I didn't know until today was that by simply avoiding the red to drink white, I ended up causing more damage and staining potential than before! White wine is more acidic, and those acidic drinks like orange juice, soda, white wine etc will cause tiny abrasions in a tooth's enamel. These rough areas on your teeth attract dark, staining liquids like a magnet, making the likelihood for staining much higher.

Mapes suggests that rather than taking a toothbrush to those choppers right after consuming your red wine, just swish with water, then use a good whitening toothpaste before bed. Sometimes I'll even put lip balm on before drinking red wine so it doesn't stain my lips as badly. I even use Crest Whitestrips every 6 months or so to keep those pesky stains from coming back.

I found an interesting product online called Wine Wipes. They're rumored to work pretty well too. What a great last minute stocking stuffer for your favorite wino!

The red vs white battle usually comes down to a matter of preference. Who knows, maybe I'll just drink beer instead!