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Red states refusal to embrace Obamacare may lead to higher death toll

Citizens get educated on how the Affordable Care Act works.
Citizens get educated on how the Affordable Care Act works.
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare," is expected to hit its most recent forecast of six million people insured by the end of the enrollment period on March 31.

Recent polls show that the number of people who approve of Obamacare is climbing, and stock prices for major insurers are surging up as insurance CEO's are pleased with the recent surge of new customers.

While Americans and insurance CEO's are singing the praises of Obamacare, Republican governors across the country are still standing firm on their displeasure with the healthcare law.

And that displeasure could be disastrous for residents.

According to a studies by the Urban Institute and the Harvard Medical School released on March 30, Republicans states will continue to have the highest number of uninsured Americans. The studies painted a grim picture of hospitals in financial ruin and thousands of Americans dead in states that refuse to expand the scope of Medicaid.

Even the Wall Street Journal has warned red states that healthcare would become far worse of Republican governors and legislatures do not embrace Obamacare, in which the Journal describes as "gap coverage."

The Journal wrote:

"For now, nearly five million people ages 18 to 64 get no financial help to buy coverage because of the gap, according to estimates by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Many of those people are clustered in the South, living in states where income limits for Medicaid coverage have historically been among the lowest in the U.S."

The deadline to enroll in insurance exchanges is March 31.

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