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Red Sox clue to "Lost" mystery?

The phenomenal series Lost (locally Ch. 5, 9 p.m., Tuesdays), which has entered what will be the sixth and final season, has inspired collectibles from jewelry to clothes, to cups and mugs. However, do a little more digging and you can find things from numerous forums where fans express their theories on the shows mysteries to blooper video, lists of continuity errors and even the Boston Red Sox.  See "Lostpedia" for example.
Lost Final SeasonMany people like to collect various television series, programs or movies because of the subject matter, their favorite star or because of the locality. The availability of video from television’s past keeps increasing which makes the opportunity to customize one’s own selections into a personalized collection makes it more possible than ever.
There has been no shortage of stories based in this region including some of the better known, most discussed shows like St. Elsewhere and Cheers. In the past decade there have been many other shows with a Boston or New England backdrop, but not necessarily filmed in the region. One series, Fringe (locally air on Ch. 25), was co-created by J. J. Abrams, which brings this topic back to his better known television creation, “Lost”.
It’d be difficult in this limited space to recap the story to date, but for those unfamiliar with the storyline, let’s just say that the people that were left stranded on a mysterious Pacific island after the crash of their plane, Oceanic Flight 815, could never be mistaken for the castaways in Gilligan’s Island.  Over the first five seasons of the series, the viewers who became fans of the show have been treated to a tale that has possibly provided the most bizarre experiences and television series has ever offered.
The setting for the story has been primarily Australia, California and “the island” with numerous flashbacks and "flashforwards" mentioning other locales including the Middle East.  The series and the story itself begin in late 2004. Several discussions take place over the course of several seasons where references to the Red Sox are made. It appears the Red Sox are used to help set the time period, but one never knows.
In one of the early episodes, Dr. Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) tells another character that his father always said the Red Sox would never win the World Series. When this episode was shown, the Red Sox had already won the 2004 series, but in the story these people had no communication with the outside world, so how would they have known.
Eventually Shephard has the opportunity to see the final out replayed when another character shows him a tape of the event to convince him they have communication with the outside world.   There are several other references to the Sox and the WS as well as a 2008 season series played against the Yankees. One of possibly the subtlest references was when another character used the 2003 Sox rally cry, “Cowboy up”.
Last night, another subtle reference occurred when once again Shephard tells his son that the cable is hooked up so if he wanted, he could watch the Red Sox.  On the wall is a picture of Dodger Stadium and later a photo booth series of pictures show the father and son, with the son wearing a cap with the letters "LA".
There are other repeating items in the show, but this clearly appears out of place so to many fans it has become another question.  Hopefully after the final episode all questions will be answered, but probably not, or at least all the fans won't be satisfied and for some time the discussions will go on.
Once again this only shows that collecting is not always about tangible things, but can be about things we do, places we go, or in this case, things we observe.
What’s your interest? Let me know by sending me a note at and maybe we can share it with readers.


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