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Red Sox begin 2014 atop MLB power rankings

Buck Showalter isn't afraid of the competition in the AL East.
Buck Showalter isn't afraid of the competition in the AL East.
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

1. Boston Red Sox - The Red Sox lost Jacoby Ellsbury to the rival Yankees, but managed to retain the rest of their World Series team.

2. St. Louis Cardinals - It was a quiet offseason for the NL champions, but they did lose Carlos Beltran to the Yankees.

3. Detroit Tigers - The Tigers made the biggest trade of the offseason, sending Prince Fielder to Texas in exchange for Ian Kinsler.

4. Tampa Bay Rays - The Rays re-signed James Loney, but the biggest news was that they still haven't traded David Price.

5. Atlanta Braves - The loss of Brian McCann will hurt, but the Braves always seem to find a way to contend for the NL East title.

6. Washington Nationals - The Nationals made a shrewd move trading for Doug Fister, who should do well replacing Dan Haren at the back end of the starting rotation.

7. Oakland Athletics - The Athletics made a lot of small trades in the offseason, including acquiring Jim Johnson, who should thrive in Oakland.

8. Los Angeles Dodgers - With Clayton Kershaw now locked up for seven more years, the Dodgers have to feel good about their chances moving foward.

9. New York Yankees - The Yankees took a huge hit losing Robinson Cano, but signing Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran should help.

10. Texas Rangers - The Rangers traded Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder and then signed Shin-Soo Choo to a monster deal, improving the club in the near-term but taking on a lot of risk down the road.

11. Baltimore Orioles - The Orioles sat on their hands most of the offseason, but did manage to land Ubaldo Jimenez to upgrade their starting rotation and Nelson Cruz to give them more pop.

12. Arizona Diamondbacks - It will be interesting to see if Paul Goldschmidt can repeat his 2013 performance.

13. Cincinnati Reds - How will changing the manager help this team get past the Cardinals and into the World Series?

14. Kansas City Royals - The Royals struck out on Carlos Beltran in the offseason, but the hope is that the young players continue to develop and grow.

15. Los Angeles Angels - Rumors that Mike Trout might command up to a $400 million extension must make the Angels sick after giving huge deals to Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols.

16. Pittsburgh Pirates - Will the Pirates regress like the Orioles did last year, or can they build off their playoff appearance?

17. San Francisco Giants - It's all about the pitching staff. If it bounces back and stays healthy, the Giants will be a World Series contender once again.

18. Cleveland Indians - Without making upgrades to the starting rotation, it's hard to see this team improving from last year.

19. Toronto Blue Jays - The Blue Jays won last offseason, then lost big in the regular season. They stayed quiet this offseason, deciding to give the current group another chance.

20. Seattle Mariners - The addition of Robinson Cano is huge, but the Mariners need their young players to take the next step forward.

21. San Diego Padres - The Padres didn't make any moves this offseason, which just means they continue to be an afterthought in the NL West.

22. Milwaukee Brewers - Ryan Braun returns from his suspension. What kind of reception will he get, and will he be the same player?

23. Philadelphia Phillies - Roy Halladay's sudden retirement helps the club's financial situation, but this is still a team loaded with big contracts for players past their prime.

24. Colorado Rockies - Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez carry this team but can never make it through a full season.

25. New York Mets - Curtis Granderson could help, but the loss of Matt Harvey to Tommy John surgery is devastating.

26. Florida Marlins - The Marlins have a lot of talent, and if Giancarlo Stanton can stay healthy, don't be surprised if they jump up the rankings.

27. Chicago White Sox - The White Sox have Chris Sale and little else, which means they would probably do well to trade him for a huge ransom.

28. Chicago Cubs - The Cubs are still in the early stages of a fairly long rebuilding process.

29. Minnesota Twins - There are some reasons for hope, but they are are all down in the lower level of the minor leagues.

30. Houston Astros - The Astros made some small additions via free agency in hopes of fielding a more competitive team in 2014.

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