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Red Rock Canyon: A natural alternative to Las Vegas glitz and glitter

Wild burros
Wild burros


  • Lindsay Godfree - Cross Country Travel 6 years ago

    When I lived in Las Vegas for a few months looking for work I hiked there almost every day. It is bigger than it looks and so unexpected in Las Vegas when you only think of Casinos. And it is not far to drive.

  • Gene Bowker, Augusta Road Trips 6 years ago

    Sounds a lot better than wasting time in the "fantasyland" downtown to me.

    Nice story

  • Nancy 6 years ago

    Thank you for another wonderful article. How refreshing to have such a beautiful, natural "wonderland" so close to "fantasyland", as Gene so aptly called the Las Vegas downtown area. I'm eager to see Red Rock Canyon and hike it myself. You've written another fabulous article. Thank you so much!

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