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Red Robin for Labor Day

Labor Day is finally here but along with it came a heat wave. With 100+ temps for the weekend and more on the way, most people will feel more inclined to beat the heat inside instead of sweating it out in their back yard. But even then someone has to man the grill if you want those juicy BBQ burgers. What’s a Labor Day enthusiast to do? Head to Red Robin.

Red Robin gourmet burgers and summer cocktails
Carla Canales
Red Robin
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With locations all across the country, Red Robin is known for their budget friendly gourmet burgers. From their Whiskey River BBQ to the A1 Peppercorn; the Prime Chophouse to the Banzai to the Guacamole Bacon, you can find the perfect burger to suit your taste buds without breaking a sweat. Affordable and delicious guaranteed at any Red Robin.

In addition to inventing gourmet burgers, Red Robin also paves the way with innovative cocktails. Labor Day wouldn’t be the same without knocking back a few cold ones but at the same time want to indulge is the summer cocktails before they're gone. At Red Robin you can have both with their Can Crafted Cocktails featuring Blue Moon and Coors Light. The Blue Moon is a perfect mix Blue Moon Belgain draft, vodka and juice for a slightly sweet and tangy cocktail that pairs perfectly with any sandwich on the menu. The Coors Light cocktail has a zesty beer flavor with Coorls Light, ginger liqueur and lemon that’ll ease the kick from any of the spicier burgers and dipping sides. And the cans are available for purchase.

If beer isn’t your thing then choose from the large selection of enticing cocktails that will not only help you beat the heat but appreciate the fleeting days of summer. Cocktails like the Absolut Lemonade, Cherry Lime Flip, Sand in your Shorts, Strawberry Lemon Vojito or the Screaming Red Zombie are just a few of the many cocktails Red Robin has to offer.

While Red Robin offers cocktails that will please the adults, it’s still a family restaurant and kids are always welcome. Bottomless Root Beer Floats, Very Berry Raspberry Limeade and RR’s signature Freckled Lemonade are always a kid pleaser. And don’t forget their shakes and smoothies! The best part about Red Robin is that gourmet burgers, seasonal and innovative cocktails are served year round. Yummmm.

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