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Red River Wine Trail

Wine Glass
Wine Glass
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The Red River Wine Trail features four wineries in the scenic Red River Valley. The trail runs for 72 miles along highway 82, starting in Muenster, going through Forestburg and Saint Jo to finish near Wichita Falls.

The first winery is a little more than an hour drive north of Fort Worth. Alternatively, the trail can be started with the last winery in Wichita Falls, about 2 hours and 15 minutes from Fort Worth. While the Red River Wine Trail could be traveled in one busy Saturday, why rush? Try breaking the trail into two trips, or even four, and enjoy the drive through the Red River Valley and linger in the vineyards.

Weinhof Winery of Muenster – The Red River Wine Trail starts at the Weinhof Winery of Muenster, which specializes in fruit wines and small batches of specialty grape wines. Weinhof Winery of Muenster is located at 123 West Division Street in Muenster. Call (940) 75-WINES for more information.

Weinhof Winery of Forestburg – Not far down the trail is the Weinhof Winery of Forestburg. This one is the original Weinhof production facility. Also produced here are fruit wines and specialty grape wines. Weinhof Winery of Forestburg is located at 16678 FM 455 in Forestburg. Call (940) 964-2552 for more information.

Arche – Outside the town to Saint Jo, sits an estate winery. Arche focuses on dry reds, whites, and roses. Arche is located at 228 Wagner Road in Saint Jo. Call (214) 908-9055 or (214) 536-6330 for more information.

Wichita Falls Vineyards and Winery – The last vineyard on the Red River Wine Trail is just south of Wichita Falls. Wichita Falls Vineyards and Winery is located at 3399 “B” Peterson Road South in Iowa Park. Call (940) 855-2093 for more information.


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