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Red Mango Takes Probiotics to Tea






Since 2002 Red Mango Frozen Yogurt has been offering their own unique take on the classic healthy dessert. In less than a decade their dedication to health and quality has taken them from their South Korean roots to international success, and the fastest growing frozen yogurt chain in the United States. This summer Red Mango has added an innovative product offering to their stores, iced tea with added probiotics.   The idea presented its self when customers were looking for something other than just water to accompany their frozen yogurt creations.  This prompted Red Mango to find a way to satisfy their customers while still promoting their philosophies, and the natural health benefits of tea along with added probiotics that organically exist in yogurt seemed like a perfect fit.

Red Mango’s original frozen yogurts are all natural, non fat, and contain the same active cultures as yogurt that promote the immune system and digestive health.  Tea naturally contains antioxidants that stifle free radicals in the body to help protect it from infection and disease.  A combination of these two immunity-boosting supplements definitely goes along with Red Mango’s commitment to making naturally healthy treats.  Now in addition to your original, pomegranate, green tea, or new tanginmonium frozen yogurt with an array of fresh toppings, you can grab a cold iced tea to wash it all down with- and get even more health benefits at the same time!  Take your pick of Mysteaque, a vanilla enhanced black iced tea, Fanteasia, a berry flavored hibiscus tea, or Lemonocity, a refreshing blend of lemonade with real green iced tea.  All of these great summer flavors contain the natural antioxidants of black and green tea along with added probiotics for an even greater immunity boost.  The probiotics add no taste or color, just more power for your hard-working body.

Red Mango is rapidly expanding and has already opened locations all around the Los Angeles area.  A frozen yogurt is a Los Angeles tradition on a hot summer day, and adding enhanced iced-tea to the menu is sure to be a hit with this crowd.  Check out their website to find the location that’s closest to you and if you’re already an iced tea fan, it couldn’t hurt to try a new flavor that gives both your body and your taste buds a treat.


  • Maltizzle 5 years ago

    I hope the flavor gives my body and taste buds a treat!