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Red light, green... no red light

Traffice lights will be the new revenue-generator for Albany
Traffice lights will be the new revenue-generator for Albany
Jim Duke

Albany legislation is moving towards installing red light cameras in the city to nab violators. What this will mean is that if a person jumps a light, or goes through one after it turns red, the camera will snap it and that person will face a penalty.

Critics claim that such a device will have problems and not take into consideration the “human aspects.” A police officer can see the circumstances to exercise some judgment using observation to determine a violation. Cameras and electronic monitoring devices are programmed to register despite the conditions.

Some say that they have noticed an increasing move towards this type of legislation especially in bankrupt municipalities such as the City of Albany. That means that this type of action is mostly a revenue-generating tactic making use of the machines.

Jesse Calhoun, who is running for Assembly seat, is sending postcards to Albany residents in a petition to show protest against the action, according to

Some states have reported government corruption where the machines were programmed under the speed posted. In other states the programmers shortened the length of time of the yellow light to catch more violators. This sort of tampering is unethical and should be met with challenge. The king has no shame.

Could this be a greedy decision on the part of the authorities? Many have questioned the intent. And if anything like London, cameras are everywhere with one camera to each 32 people. Sure enough several cameras have a person in view from different directions at all times. It suggests an attempt to be like God having eyes everywhere seeing everything the same way in which God is omnipresent. Surveillance is beefing up across the nation.

We don't want this sort of surveillance even if it catches some violators. For the sake of privacy, a lack of human personality, and to prevent unnecessary violations, it should be opposed. We don't want to turn our state into a police state.


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