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Red Hot! stylish ways to wear the popular color for spring

In fashion magazines, red has been the most prominent colors on nails and lips; but it's all about the clothes this spring!  From shoes to bags to tops to dresses, the color red makes one hot statement.  Whether you are going to work, out with friends, or to dinner, the color red screams for attention.  Just how much attention you want will affect the amount of red you wear, though.  

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Be cautious not to wear too much during the day, but at night, turn it up a notch and go all out.  A hot red dress with, yes, red shoes to match is fabulous if you match it right; and a red lip with a red accessory on a neutral outfit is sure to look sexy, too. Red nails are also very sexy, and it's perfectly fine to pair them with a red dress, just make sure if you do this, though, keep the shoes neutral, or you really will have too much red going on!  Being sexy is all about confidence, and red is a bold vibrant color that, if you don't already have it, will give you some confidence to be bold and flashy.    Some red clothing and makeup you can buy are listed below.  As always, have fun shopping!