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Red Elvises shake up Phil’s Radiator

Red Elvises shakes up Phil’s Radiator.
Red Elvises shakes up Phil’s Radiator.
Sareth Ney

PUEBLO, Colo.—Red Elvises displayed their burning love for the fans at Phil’s Radiator, on March 17. They were the headliners, American Mourning was the opening act and The Asbestos Tampons were the direct support.

Red Elvises shake up Phil’s Radiator.
Sareth Ney

Igor Yuzov is the lead vocalist and guitarist, Oleg Bernov plays the balalaika, Dregas “Dre” Smith is the keyboardist and accordionist, Garrett Morris is the drummer and Sarah Johnson plays the flute, tambourine, tenor sax and keyboard for the Red Elvises. Bernov, Smith, and Johnson also share vocals and backup vocals.

Yuzov requested the audience to stand closer to the stage, before Red Elvises began with “Love Pipe”. Afterwards, he encouraged everyone to “boogie” with the band. As the music continued, they led the crowd in rhythmic applause. As Yuzov, Bernov, Smith and Johnson played their instruments, they lifted their left legs repeatedly. After the song came to a conclusion, Yuzov introduced his band.

During “Sad Cowboy Song”, Yuzov asked the audience if they wanted to see a drum solo. After the crowd cheered—he, Bernov, Smith and Johnson gathered around Morris’ drum set, with drum sticks in hand and struck it. Shortly after, everyone parted the stage and Morris was left alone to finish the drum solo. After his band mates returned on stage, Yuzov requested the audience to cheer for Morris and said he was the only Irishmen in the band.

“Three Alley Cats”, “Shuffling Shoes”, “Winter Reggae”, “Scorchi Chornie”, “Bacon”, “Beer, Babes, and Barbecue” and “I Wanna See You Belly Dance” were also a part of the Red Elvises first set.

After a brief intermission, the Red Elvises returned to the stage. They began their second recital with “Don’t Crucify Me”, after Smith picked up an accordion to play it. They followed up with “Your Love Is Better Than Cocaine” and “Cocaine Dance Party”. Afterwards, Yuzov joked how they could follow up a religious song with two based on drugs.

Before “Closet Disco Party”, Bernov stated how the index finger was the most important finger in the genre. They encouraged the crowd to motion their index fingers in an upward and downward vertical position, to dance along with the Red Elvises. As he was explaining the dance routine, Smith switched spots with Johnson and played the keyboard upside down. After the song ended, they concluded with “Twist”.

“Drinking With Jesus” and “Mr. Bacon” were also part of the Red Elvises’ second set.