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Red Dead: Redemption "The Law" trailer


Courtesy: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games' upcoming Wild West action, adventure, open-world game is all about killing, robbing and scheming, but don't think it'll be easy. The Law will be after you.

Rockstar released a new trailer for the game recently, and though it's not similar to the Weapons and Death gameplay trailer, it's enticing all the same.

In the trailer embedded below, titled "The Law" Rockstar shows us how lawful the lawless West can be.

The game turns out to be full of authoritative figures.

These enforcers; a Marshall, Deputies and a Agent will stop at nothing to keep you in line, as you gallivant through the Wild West.

It's uncertain whether or not Red Dead Redemption will employ the same "wanted" rating as in GTA: IV, but it should be exciting however it breaks down.

Red Dead: Redemption arrives April 27 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Reserve a copy today at GameStop.


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