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Red Dead Redemption's political ambitions

John Martson. The new Tea Party idol?
John Martson. The new Tea Party idol?

Red Dead Redemption is an excellent game. Hands down it is almost a shoe in for most game of the year awards. However, one aspect of the game that is often over looked is the political messages the permeate the entire game. From start to finish players are assaulted with a Libertarian ideology that would make Ron Paul and Sarah Palin proud.

Its curious that Rockstar would choose the message of limited government and self reliance to be the main themes of the game. The overarching theme of the game parallels that of current U.S. Politics that it got me to thinking.

Is Rockstar voicing their own political ideology through Red Dead Redemption?

Honestly it was refreshing to play a game for once that made me think beyond the conventional video game thought process. Red Dead Redemption had me thinking more and more about politics than the actual game. More than a few times while playing the game, visions came to me of John Marston becoming the latest Tea Party idol.

Personally I don't subscribe to the ideology of the Libertarians or Tea Partiers. However, that did not detract me from my fondness for the game. It made me think like no game has before. It made me long to live a life of solitude with my family. Free from government and taxes just like the old days. Then I found the middle ground I had been searching for.

The Tea Party wants something very admirable. They would like America to return to how it used to be in the good old days. But that is just it. We are not living in the good old days anymore. There are over 350 million people in this country. A return to the good old days is just not feasible.

A video game showed me there is no going back for America. We may all be doomed. However, the main point is a video game made me think outside the box and for that Rockstar deserves to be commended. Its not that I learned anything new through playing it but rather it helped me piece together what I already knew.

So suck on that Roger Ebert.

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