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Red Carpet Tips for Any Occasion

Actress and CoverGirl Model Sofia Vergara shares her beauty tips and tricks that help her on the red carpet with . Since not all of us are invited to award season, that does not mean we can't take a few pointers from celebrities. Walking the red carpet to your school dance, or down the aisle for your wedding, I am sure these few tips will be able to help any one of you on your special occasion.

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Being that Vergara has now attended a large number of award shows, she advises to wear comfortable shoes. Otherwise the discomfort will show in your face, the way you stand, and ultimately in pictures.

2. Best Beauty Tip

For someone Vergara's age, she believes the more makeup the better. Although I highly disagree with her because she is just a beautiful woman! There is no need to cover up every flaw, it is what makes you different. Cover up a few spots here and there but keep you makeup minimal and rely on your natural beauty!

3. Favorite Makeup

MASCARA! It is hard to pick up just one aspect of makeup that is your favorite but mascara is definitely Top 3 for me. The right mascara will not only help your lashes look fuller and longer, but it will open up your eyes to give the illusion of being more awake.

4. Complete Package

Be sure to spend some time on getting everything just right. Don't just throw on whatever color makeup last minute. You really want everything to be coherent and your overall look to come full circle.

5. Flawless Age

To keep your skin looking young and fresh you should exercise and eat healthy. Makeup will help conceal problem areas to an extent. Beautiful skin starts from within!

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