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Red Bull Double Pipe: First-ever side-by-side Superpipe contest

Red Bull Double Pipe:  First-ever side-by-side Superpipe contest
Red Bull Double Pipe: First-ever side-by-side Superpipe contest
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The Red Bull Double Pipe is making its debut in Aspen, Colorado on March 22-23, 2014, and will bring some of the world’s best snowboarders together to compete in the first-ever side-by-side Superpipe contest. This will be unlike anything ever seen before as two 22’ tall superpipes will be constructed side-by-side, complete with rails, wallrides, channels and other unique aspects throughout the custom built snow feature.

The double pipe will be located at the base of Buttermilk Mountain and will allow riders to transfer back and forth between the two halfpipes in a single run, which will open up an endless number of potential lines and combination tricks that aren’t possible in traditional halfpipe contests. Technical abilities, style, creativity and use of the course will be involved in how the riders are judged.

Competitors will ride in a 3-hour “jam” session during the semi-finals on Saturday, March 22. Each competitor can take up to three judged runs during the 3-hour time period with the best single run score counting towards the overall ranking. The top eight competitors will advance to Sunday’s final. On Sunday, overall winners will be determined by their single best score out of three runs.

Each superpipe in the Red Bull Double Pipe feature will be over 550’ long, approximately 68’ wide, and 22’ tall with an approximate 4’ wide spine located in between each pipe. With the outside walls included, the overall feature will be 180’ wide and over 550’ long, making it the largest halfpipe structure built to date.

“What’s great about this style of event format is it’s designed to maintain a fun atmosphere during the contest, replicating the feel of a regular day on the mountain and having fun riding with your friends,” says Competition Director Liam Griffin. “Because this double pipe feature is so unique and unlike any typical halfpipe competition, we want to utilize a format that also reflects the creative style we expect to see during the contest.”

This is definitely halfpipe to the double extreme. If you need an extra adrenaline rush and will be in the Aspen, Colorado area this weekend, head over to Buttermilk to see the Red Bull Double Pipe. The event is free and open to the public. If you can’t be there in person, tune into NBC, Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. EST to see the Red Bull Double Pipe contest as part of the Red Bull Signature Series.

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