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Red Box possessed by the Booth Brother's 'The Exorcist File: Haunted Boy'

The REAL story of 'The Exorcist'
The Booth Brothers

Christopher Saint and Philip Booth have been the subject of many an article in my columns. I've reviewed and interviewed the brothers, fascinated by the work they do in the field of paranormal documentaries.

Their films have been available on the internet via their website on DVD and there are a few places to stream their films, but today is special. Today, for the very first time, you can stop at any Red Box Kiosk and rent one of the brothers best films "The Exorcist File: Haunted Boy."

Check my review here.


This is the untold story of The Exorcist, a chronicle of true events based on the priest's secret diary the world was not to see.

The diary that is mentioned in the title was found in one of the rooms that was closed off after the exorcism. It is actually the notes taken by one of the priests who attended the exorcism. There were a few copies, one of which is said to be locked away in the Vatican.

This paranormal documentary tells the true story of the film "The Exorcist." It shows many places where the possession took place and some people it affected.

Featured in the film are not only the twin filmmakers, but also some of the cream of the crop of paranormal investigators.

Tom Halstead
James Long
Greg Myers
Sandra Oats
Arnold Spirtas
Tim Yancy
Frances X Cleary
William Bradshaw
Keith Age

At you can reserve your rental copy so you won't be disappointed if the DVDs are already rented.

If you're interested in the paranormal, might as well start with one of the most well documented cases in the book. You might as well also know the truth of what happened to the child and others who were thrown into this hell of a true story.

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