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Red Bay, Labrador

We woke and found ourselves in one of the most northeasterly regions of North America; the very inaccessible Red Bay. We had heard many tales about why the place was called Red Bay. The most obvious explanation was the cliffs of red rock that surrounded the tranquil cove. We had also been told that it derived its name from the color its waters turned after one of its infamous whale harvests. However, while on an eight mile hike Julia and I discovered, soon enough, where the far-off bay really derived its name. The place is swarming, in the summer months, with binge eating, black fly, blighters. These nasty little flying monsters are of the carnivorous variety and took great pleasure in inundating us with bites. They caused rivers of deep red blood to flow from our necks, foreheads, and scalps. Regardless of our relentless tormentors we really enjoyed the view from the 520 foot hill that gave us excellent views of this remote iceberg filled harbor.

Red Bay, Labrador
David Millett

Once back onboard our floating hotel I was able to access my injuries. I was astounded to count over 50 painful and throbbing bites. Oh well, in time my bites will heal, but the memory of this beautiful place will be difficult to forget.

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