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Red Alert! Common Core = Government Control!

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An online site, Mr. Conservative talks about some scary things that are part of our children’s education under Common Core. If any of you reading this article thinks that these things aren’t really happening, think again.
This government has been pushing Common Core for a long time and they finally came up with a way to get states on board with it. Does stimulus ring a bell?

The carrot that was dangled in front of them was just too hard to resist and they signed on without checking to find out exactly what it entailed and what was going to be included in it. It’s kind of like when Obamacare was passed before anyone read it in its entirety.

This is just so hard to understand. We, as consumers, home owners, and business people would not even think about accepting a new product, buy a home or make changes to our business practices just because someone says we should. We want to see proof that it works for us. Why would we accept Common Core just because the government praises it and promotes it as something good for our children?

Well, apparently we haven’t learned from our mistakes; we keep doing the same thing over and over again.

It’s been the purpose of these articles to educate you, the readers about the dangers posed by implementing Common Core. Have you learned anything from them and if you have are you sharing it with your friends, family and elected officials? If not, it is hoped that you will after reading this article. This is so important; it cannot be expressed more clearly than through the information and videos that have been included in this series of articles.

These videos are two in a series of eight forum videos "The Real Common Core." You can get the rest of them by going to and typing in “The Real Common Core” in the search box and they will come up for you. See what is being said about CC.

If you were shocked or at least surprised at some of the things your read and heard, you will be unequivocally amazed and hopefully disgruntled and angry enough to do what you can to see that Common Core is stopped in every state before it is too late.

You are going to be introduced to some of the things that children in schools across the country that already have CC are being exposed to. It is sickening to say the least.

According to the report from Mr. Conservative, states with Common Core are suggesting reading for 11th grade students, books like Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye” which contains graphic details on pedophilia, incest, rape, and sex. On top of that it uses explicit, vulgar language to explain the details. Honestly, how would you feel if you knew your child or grandchild was reading books like that?

Advocates for Common Core say that there is no CC curriculum, only standards and local schools can write their own curriculum. They will swear that Common Core is the answer to increasing educational standards and that it will prepare students for college and beyond.

The problem is that it’s not true. What it is, basically, is a way for the federal government to gain control of our children’s education and through them control you, the parents. How can they prepare students for success if teachers are only teaching to the test (referred to as assessments) controlled by the government?

That in itself is a huge problem with CC, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many problems with CC that it is almost mind boggling. Of course many people are not exposed to the real core of CC. It is hoped that in the process of publishing these articles for America’s parents and grandparents that you will become educated enough and that enough concerns will be raised that people will rise up in protest to the implementation of this travesty. They will need to see that steps are taken in their respective states to stop the spread of Common Core by exposing it for what it really is; a plan for the government to rule over the people. This plan is sinister because it uses the children to get to the rest of the family. No good can come from the implementation of Common Core.

It is encouraging to know that there are some states that are fighting back. Since August the states of Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Oklahoma and Utah have already withdrawn from the assessment tests given by CCSS. In September Governor Rick Scott, through an executive order, restricted Florida’s involvement with them. reports that Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Utah are actually considering a complete withdrawal from Common Core. There are other conservative states that may very well follow them but they need to realize that once this atrocity is fully implemented, there's no turning back.

No matter how much this administration praises CC, the truth of the matter is that people are beginning to see what it is all about and they are taking a stand in defense of their children’s education.

For example, in New York more than 530 principals united to share their concerns through a letter that was drafted to parents about Common Core.

There was another letter you won’t hear about from CC advocates or the media. According to the Washington Post, it was signed by more than 1,535 New York principals and over 6,500 teachers, parents, professors, administrators and citizens. This letter spoke of concerns about the children’s reactions to the new testing. It was so stressful to the children who took these tests that in some cases they cried, vomited or lost control of their bowels or bladders while some just gave up. Now, how can this be an improvement in our children’s education? Education is supposed to have a positive influence on our children, not make them so stressed that they become physically and emotionally unable to function.

Remember the MRIs used in classes to analyze anxiety levels of students? This is not something that will happen; it is happening right now in schools that have implemented Common Core.

Students will no longer be able to choose their careers; they will be told what they can do according to the tests and data they have in their files on each student. Is this sounding just a bit like a socialist state?

It gets better. There will be neuropsychological testing. What does that mean? Well, according to Wikipedia, these tests are usually done in the quiet of the examiner’s office where there are no distractions. Using clearly defined procedures, they determine a person’s cognitive abilities. The results are compared to studies taken from a comparable group to the person being examined. The studies frequently provide data such as age, level of education and/or ethnicity.

Analyzing of these neuropsychological tests fall into four categories. First, is overall performance (how they perform from test to test and how they perform in comparison to the average score. Second is left-right (how well a person performs on specific tasks dealing with the right and left side of the body). Third are specific tests results related to a distinct disorder. The last category is the test scores typical for specific diseases or types of damage.This is a very brief explanation taken from Wikipedia that explains it in greater detail.

How do you feel about your children being given this type of testing? Do you see any opportunity for these tests to be administered by examiners hand-picked by the government? Do you see the possibility of false results being reported and children with potential being discarded because of something that doesn’t fit into their normal range? What about children with disabilities? Do you see the possibility of something in the personal data that has been gathered about the students and their families being used to determine the outcome of these tests? Do you see any other dangers related to this kind of testing with Common Core?

Moving on, they will lower the bar for educational standards so that everyone will pass the standardized tests.
Instead of teaching children how to initiate critical thinking and develop their own opinions and ideas, they will be told what they can think.

Students will not be taught the true history of our country but they will be taught that government officials are never to be questioned. Now, we know that Obama would just love knowing that students will be taught that what he says is right and good for everybody. History will be re-written and will not resemble anything that is actually a part of real historical facts. Instead, it will promote progressivism. Is this what you want for your children?

The children will be brainwashed to believe Marxism, Nazism, and Communism. They will also be taught to think as a collective individual and not as a unique individual.

Oh, remember from past articles one thing that stood out probably for a lot of parents who read it was the data mining that is part of Common Core. Data mining reaches into personal information not only about students but their families, including income, religious affiliation, health records and voting records and more.

Although advocates for Common Core will say that it has no curriculum, don’t believe them. Their curriculum uses textbooks that teach students everything that is anti-American, anti-Christian, pro-socialist, pro-communism, pro-Islam, pro-Atheist, and pro- homosexual propaganda.

Common Core is a progressive educational program. It is important that you watch these videos all the way through and share them as far and wide as you can, even to elected officials on local and state levels. That is where solutions to this un-American, egregious progressive threat to America’s educational system begin.

If the videos in this article aren’t enough to convince you that Common Core is one of the most dangerous , possibly the most dangerous government intrusion into our lives, then please listen to this last one from The Glenn Beck Radio Program from March 15, 2013. He explains it very well. If after watching this video, you don’t feel an urgency to do something about Common Core, we are in for a grave future. Our children are in for an even worse future.

Something must be done to stop Common Core and you have the power to do something big. The first step is share this information with as many people as you can. The second step is contacting your elected local and state officials and find out how much they know about Common Core. You may be surprised to find out they don't know as much as they should know. Inform them and let them know that you do not want CC in your state. You can become “warriors” against CC. Please take this seriously and don’t just forget about it; do something about it. Your children’s and grandchildren’s futures depend on it.



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