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Red 7: A Distingué Beacon for Independent Music

611 East 7th Street
Austin, TX 78701
611 East 7th Street Austin, TX 78701
Red 7

More than two decades ago, the Red River District had the reputation of being made up of the city's less lavished and more grungy parts of town. Today, though it may still possess some grunge, it is comprised of some of Austin's most recognized music clubs.

It can be presumed that Red 7 is a compound term for the bar's point of origin since it is depicted in it's cognomen. Above the entry is a symbol of a sickle and hammer giving some the impression of a possible foreshadowing of what lies ahead. Once the popular spot for the hip-hop crowds, in four years it has progressed into a unique hub for hardcore musicians. Most of the patrons are accustomed to the heavy metal and indie sound and this is a great place to get their euphonious fix.

Red 7 is made up of two parts, the indoor game lounge including a moderately sized dance floor and the outdoor patio staging area. They have hosted many theme nights, any given night you will encounter a Nintendo for the big screen, Pinball and Arcade games, pool tables and disc jockeys. Even in a dim-lit setting, the posters and group flyers of past shows seem to illuminate the walls of this bar. The best part is that it is a very welcoming, laid-back scene. The bar might be 21+ but they are an all ages venue and they take pride it that. They are featuring a new drink menu that elaborates on the already cheap drink specials.

Jared Cannon, Gram Williams, and Tyson Swindle are the masterminds to this establishment and the focus for the future of this place it to continuing the legacy. Originally the idea for activities without live music on Tuesdays to be replaced with old school nintendo throw-downs was attributed to Johnny Sarkis

Interestingly, the founders are all familiar with different degrees of the music business, they have all worked as musicians for over fifteen years along with other music labels, talent buys and special events. Gram is the creator of Transmission Entertainment and he has also worked other  popular events in the community such as Mess w/ Texas and Fun Fun Fun Fest. An upcoming project that Red 7 is working to introduce to Austin is an event similar to Cleveland's Lottery League. It is a collaborative effort to bring musicians together, rent spaces, rehearse and form bands to perform a 20+ song set. The goal is 8 bands on 2 stages to showcase around April 10th. 

Red 7 is participating in this years South by Southwest and will be hosting a variety of bands inside, kicking off the night will be the group HOPE in a one time only Descendents tribute performance with members of Zach Blair of Rise Against, Tony Barsotti&Doni Blair/Hagfish&Toadies, Luke Abbey/Gorilla Biscuits, Mike Herrera/MxPx, Mike Weibe and Rob Marchant/Riverboat Gamblers) also performing this night will be Tumbledown (formerly MxPx), Ume, True, Widow and The Mag Seven ofTheToadies/Hagfish. 

A complete break-down of the outdoor SXSW highlights at Red 7 can be found at the SXSW 2010.

For more information on this club visit RED 7.


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