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Recycling resolutions for 2011 and beyond

In case you haven't decided on any particular resolution(s) for the year 2011, maybe I can help you out.
Here are a few to think about:

1. Recycle

2. Reuse

3. Reduce

4. Rethink

Some of you might feel the need to know the difference between recycling and reusing. If so, think about them from these examples:

Recycling involves reprocessing old items like cans, glass or newspapers, and turning them in to something new. For instance, paper products can be reycled into toilet paper; old tires can be recycled  to resurface roads.

Reusing refers to taking old items like containers, bags and appliances and using them again in their current condition for pretty much the same, or a different purpose. For instance, using the same bag over and over for groceries, or transforming plastic bags into waterproof liners for planters or drawers.         For your convenience, listed below are addresses to recycling centers on the south side:

8224 S. Vincennes
3152 S. California Avenue
1325 E. 70th Street
1424 W. 39th Street
9801 S. Avenue G
11615 S. Indiana Avenue
5825 S. Kostner
6734 S. Kedzie (Marquette Park)
3111 E. 77th Street (Rainbow Park)

Finally, keep reminding yourself that, "It's a good thing".  Happy New Year 2011!

As always,  Peace.



  • RACH 4 years ago

    It's about time that people think of staying informed on environment issues and staying intent on voting. The environment depends on society's policies as well as groups of citizens picking up cans on the the lakefront. Next time we pick up cans (and cigarette butts) we can have a meeting.

  • dutch 4 years ago

    a great way to start the new year, thinking about those things we can influence ourselves, on a day to day basis. thanks.

  • Rebecca 4 years ago

    Old school:the 3R' school :the 4Rs...thanks the increase!!!!

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