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Recycling in Maryville is now single stream

Recycling in Blount County
Recycling in Blount County
PhotoXpress/Anthony McAulay

Recently, the City of Maryville switched to single stream recycling. So, what exactly does this mean for all of us who care about the health of our planet?

It means that you can now place all your plastics (1-7) and glass (all colors) in one bin. All your recyclable paper, newspapers, magazines, mixed paper, go in the same bin. Flattened (please) cardboard and all metal/tin cans & aluminum go in that very same bin. Everything goes in one single bin. Single stream recycling: so simple, so easy, so perfectly perfect.

Items which are not recyclable include household garbage, tires, paint, window panes, styrofoam, drinking glasses, or junk. So save all your old junk for your next yard sale because "one man's trash is another woman's treasure!"

In honor of Earth Matters month, Keep Blount Beautiful, the Soil Conservation District/Blount Friendly Landscaping, Foothills Land Conservancy, and the Little River Watershed Association will all have special displays in April at the Blount County Public Library. So check them out the next time you visit our fabulous library.

Keep America Beautiful believes, "that each of us holds an obligation to preserve and protect our environment. Through our everyday choices and actions, we collectively have a huge impact on our world." It is our personal responsibility to recycle, and Blount County single stream recycling just made it that much easier.

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