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Recycling Christmas

Decorating montage
Decorating montage
Third Row Designs

There is something thrilling about decorating for Christmas. It could be the sparkle of the lights and glittering ornaments. The smell of fresh greenery (or greenery scented candles), and the bright cheery reds and greens. It could also be the fact that it’s a time of year when you can pull out all the stops and decorate lavishly in a theme without looking too crazy! Those are all reasons to love decorating for Christmas. There are a few reasons not to love Christmas decorating though….the mess, the dragging out and putting away of boxes for a few weeks of glitz, and the pressure to outdo last year are a few. I have a few ideas though and by the time you’re done reading this even you Scrooges out there will have a reason to smile!

For anyone wanting to be a bit more creative and/ or save a few dollars use your Christmas cookie cutters as stencils for gift tags or paper ornaments. Anyone with kids probably has glue, glitter, and paper lying around the house. If your kids are too little for scissors, trace and cut out the shapes and then have them color, paint, glitter and deck those halls. When they’re done, make a hole with a hole punch and attach a piece of embroidery thread, or ribbon and voila`, you have an ornament! For cookie cutter ornaments or gift tags either use a double sided scrap booking paper or cut out two of the same shape and glue together for a pretty front and back. If you have scraps of foam core or the scrap booking foam squares you can make 3-d ornaments and tags as well.

Many of us has an over abundance of ornaments. If you find yourself needing décor elsewhere or have run out of tree space your ornaments can be clustered among garland on the mantle, piano, vanity, and at the base of smaller trees used on end tables. Glass balls also look great mixed with pine cones or beaded garland in glass vases.

If you’re a fan of coasters or just find them a necessity you can make your own using unfinished wood ornaments. At full price they cost between $0.50 and $0.99 and they are usually around 50% off now. Coat with a cheap bottle of acrylic paint or metallic spray paint and a brush or sponge and you’re all set. Just remove the ribbon or string before setting them out.

A recent discovery of mine is using medium to tall narrow vases for juice. Make sure that the vase has a bulbous base to hold the beverage and a narrow neck for ease of pouring. If you have different size vases it makes the beverage presentation that much more interesting.

No matter how much time you have there is always a way to make things special. Even if people don’t tell you, they notice those special details and appreciate the effort taken in doing them. The most important point to remember is to have fun and enjoy what you’re doing for the holidays.

I hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!



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