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Recycled rabbit toys

Did you know that your rabbit would probably appreciate new toys as much as you do? The best part, however, is that your furry friend isn’t hoping for the latest iPhone or other expensive device. Your little hopper would be thrilled with something recycled you already have in house.

Boxes and old clothes are perfect to transform into bunny houses and cuddly toys. It is nice if the boxes are sturdy and have room for pass-through holes, but even if they are not sturdy or large, dragging and flattening can be fun for a bun too. Old clothes make fantastic soft toys, and so do towels; but even through rabbits adore towels, the strings can sometimes unravel, becoming a tangling or choking hazard.

Flat tray boxes, the kind that hold cases of cans or drinks make great floor coverings for wire cages. Bunnies love to sit in boxes!

Recycled paper can also be fun for your bun to shred and carry around. It can also double up as bedding. Computer paper, phone book pages, or plain brown packing paper each work great for rabbits to exercise chew and carry.

You can add another dimension to your toys by adding food. Try stuffing hay inside a toilet paper or paper towel roll. You can also put pellets inside a small box, such as a raisin box and let your rabbit work the food out.

Rabbits also love a nice variety of textures on which to chew – pine cones, different types of branches and leaves (mine enjoy my apple tree, but check online for branch and leaf safety if you are not certain).

Let your imagination be your guide. Whatever you make will be appreciated and enrich your friend’s life.

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