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Recycled Jewelry makes a great fundraiser to benefit spay neuter education

Jewelry Shoppers find great bargains at the REASON Initiative to  help fund spay neuter education program
Jewelry Shoppers find great bargains at the REASON Initiative to help fund spay neuter education program
Debra Tobin

The room was full of jewelry and shoppers trying on this and that, analyzing color, size, and style but there were no department store tags on any pieces because this jewelry is sold for love of animals and not profit. The shoppers attended a fundraiser at the Galway Hooker Restaurant and Pub in Cornelius. This ongoing fundraiser is called a Pawbrokers Party and it was started just to help animals. Pawbroker’s throws a party to benefit a particular cause at different venues. They receive donated jewelry , prepare it for display and then take the show on the road.

Shoppers at Pawbroker Party look over items for sale; proceeds benefit REASON helping spay neuter education
Debra Tobin

The recent Pawbroker party at the Hooker was for the REASON ( Responsbible Education about Spaying or Neutering). It is the brainchild of Jena Healy. She has always been helping animals but realized the answer wasn't in finding more and more animals homes.

"The REASON Initiative is something that has been a bit of a missing link. Everyone who rescues pets or volunteers with homeless animals on any level knows that prevention (spaying or neutering) is the answer to reducing the number of homeless pets."

Healy says the program will work this way. "...It is a 9 part series of education newsletters that are delivered monthly to teachers in middle schools. Each lesson contains different types of information all expressing the importance of spaying or neutering pets as well as how to be responsible pet stewards."

Flexibility is built into the program because teachers can take the entire month to teach it when they have time. At the end of the year a certificate of completion is delivered to each student.
The Pawbroker party was an amazing success raising over $3,000 dollars to help get the program off and running. Shoppers were generous with their time and with their jewelry purchases.

"This is a delightful surprise finding all these items," said shopper Melissa Thompson, "I especially like the watches and they way they are displayed."

The watches are embedded in clean fresh smelling kitty litter. The selections and prices varied from real silver and gold fetching a much below market price to less expensive necklaces , rings and earrings ranging from a low of $3.00. Some shoppers were on leashes, such as four legged canine Cocoa who was more concerned with the treats he would get after dinner at the restaurant than choosing a toe ring that might fit.

The REASON will not only benefit animals but save humans emotional suffering in seeing the results of un-wanted animals . In a less emotional but more tangible way it will help also. The cost to taxpayers for maintaining kill county run facilities is growing each year as well as the hazards that stray animals present to businesses, abandoned areas as well as city and country roadways. .What does Healy face as she gets the program off the ground?
" The biggest hurdle is undoing generations of what was never done before with pets... allowing them to have multiple litters and taking the litters to the local animal shelter is the norm. Showing children those benefits will infuse homes with information that will educate the adults and make for a brighter future for the students who eventually with be pet owners themselves. I do believe it is a hurdle, though – not a road block. "


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