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Recycled handmade paper for card making and paper crafts

Handmade Paper
Handmade Paper

Paper crafts and handmade paper are all the rage in the crafting world. Paper crafts rank closely to the popularity of the washi tape explosion on the craft scene. Making paper is a wonderful way to recycle paper from around the home and classroom!

Children and adults alike enjoy creating their very own paper while making an effort to reduce paper waste from landfills! You will need only a few household items to get started!

You will need:

  • Paper that you will no longer use such as magazines, copy paper that is printed or not printed. This is a great crafts for those sheets that have been wrinkled, folded or no longer needed after printed and used.You can use a variety of paper even items such as tissue.
  • A bucket, plastic bin or similar to fill with water to help in the process.
  • Water
  • Large spoon
  • A molding tool
  • Screen to strain
  • Sponge, towel or similar to soak up water from your paper pulp

How to make recycled handmade paper:

  • Collect your supplies
  • Shred paper by hand, cut it up to small pieces. Confetti sizes and up to one inch usually work well for this project. have fun with this project and rip, shred, and cut the paper until you have enough paper to create a good amount of shredded papers. This paper will soon to be added to water to create a wet pulp. You will need to have ripped a lot of paper to mix the pulp.
  • Now, there are a few options to choose from to complete the next step of the project.

    Option A: use a blender that you will not use in the future to prepare food. Add a little paper and pour enough water into the blender to cover the paper. You will then add a few extra inches of water to completely soak the paper. Mix the paper into a "pulp". with your blender. You will have a wet mushy mixture of paper and water.


    Option B:

  • Add water to a container of your choice. Fill the bucket, plastic tub or whatever container that you have picked for the project. Fill the container with water. You will want to fill it at least half full. Add the paper mixture to the container. I will not include measurements in this project description and instructions, due to the fact that you may use a container that will not fit the measurements. It is not a one sizes fits all type of project. The overall objective is to use the container to soak your pulp into water. This will thin the mixture as it soaks. Stir the mixture. You will want to add several a good amount of paper to the water to make the pulp. Stir the paper and water. Stir off and on for a few mixtures.
  • Now, if you used Option A, add the pulp to your container and fill the container approximately half way with water. mix the paper and water together.
  • For both options, you will soak the paper and water. At this point some people allow the natural process of absorption to proceed while others will prefer to add a tablespoon or two of cornstarch to the pulp to make a smoother surface or you can add a craft store liquid starch to the mix. There is not a wrong way to mix the paper and water solution with or without the addition of a starch. However, the paper will have a nicer texture for writing or drawing. If you choose to use a raw paper without starch that is perfectly fine. You will need to soak the paper for at least a few hours. You can soak the paper for two, three, four hours or even a day if you wish. The object is to allow the paper to thoroughly soak in the water. You want the paper pulp mix to absorb as much water as possible.
  • When you are ready to move on to the next step, you will remove the paper pulp from the container of water. You can use a variety of items or tools if you prefer to remove the paper. This is a process similar to the use of a food strainer. You will strain your paper. However, you will strain the paper and at the same time you will create a mold for the shape that you would like the paper to be when it has dried. For example, If you used a regular round food strainer, you would allow the paper to dry in the strainer and then you would have created a paper bowl! Now, many people choose to experiment with this step. You can use anything that you wish. You can use premolded cookie pan where the shapes are already in the pan , such as can be seen at Shop Bakers Nook and Amazon.

    You may use cookie cutters, clay molds , picture frame without the glass or backing and a screen such as used for windows or a paper crafters tool called a wooden mold and deckles. (Wooden Deckle)

  • You will strain the paper pulp mixture with a screen and the frame to mold the shape of the paper or use the item of your choice to strain the water from the pulp. A screened item will work the best but you may find something else that works for you.
  • Push the paper together by layering the paper to desired thickness. Keep in mind that once the paper has drained, the sheet of paper may be a little thinner than it is when wet. Push the paper together with your fingers to fit the mold and for the water to "glue" the paper together.
  • Sponge dry the pper pulp as it lye on the screen to soak up excess water.
  • Allow the pulp to strain, drain and dry.
  • Once the paper has completely dried, you will have a sheet of paper or the shape that you have chosen to create!

An example of how your paper may look: Papermajik You will find lovely items for sale at the shop Papermajik!

Have a wonderful time with your Recycled handmade paper!


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