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Recycle: Why bother?

Not the kind of Trashy you want to be...
Not the kind of Trashy you want to be...
@94,000 cans are recycled in America…every minute.
Americans use 100 million steel and tin cans every day, yet we recycle only 5% of them. The remainder (over 30 BILLION) go into landfills.
Only 40% of the corrugated cardboard used in America is recycled. @ ½ of the Newspaper is recycled each year.
You could fill 120 supertankers with the amount of motor oil thrown away in America each year. It can ALL be recycled.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, we create enough garbage in one year to fill a convoy of 10-ton garbage trucks that would extend to more than halfway from the Earth to the Moon.
@ 70 million car batteries are recycled in the United States. The remaining 20% go into landfills. They contain @ 165,000 TONS of lead.
According to the Glass Packaging Institute, the average person uses an average of 165 glass containers per year. About 30% of them are recycled….which means nearly 30 BILLION glass containers go into landfills.
Ahhhh…disposable products! Americans dispose of 1.6 billion pens, 2 billion razors and blades, and 18 billion diapers. All of them go into landfills.
Only 2% (in 2009) of Houstonians recycle compared to 69% in San Francisco and New York.
Recycling creates JOBS, saves your TAX DOLLARS, and is safe for you and the environment.
What can YOU do about it? Visit the City of Houston eGovernment center for Recycling Overview
The FREE website contains information on Curbside Recycling, recycling Yard Trimmings, Batteries /Oil / Paint / and Antifreeze recycling, Household Hazardous waste recycling, Neighborhood drop-off sites, Electronic Scrap recycling and the Go Green Houston campaign.
“Recycling is the environmentally right thing to do. It saves landfill space, saves tax payer dollars, and helps conserve natural resources. Yet, prior to the launch of the Go Green Houston recycling awareness campaign, neighborhood participation rates averaged 20%," said Mayor Bill White. To encourage participation a competition was launched in 2006 with $5,000 incentives for the most improved paper recycling area, highest overall paper recycling area, most improved commingled area and highest overall commingled area.”
Violation of any provision of the solid waste ordinance is punishable upon FIRST conviction by a fine up to $2,000:
CITY of HOUSTON Recycling Locations Map:
You can also check out Waste Management’s site for more information about services and locations around the greater Houston metro area:
To learn even more about recycling: The Recycler's Handbook: Simple Things You Can Do (Paperback)

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  • Tomas 5 years ago

    Hey! Recycling is good, but so are tramp stamps.

  • Samuel 5 years ago

    I drop off my motor oil at Jiffy Lube. They'll take it and recycle it. all you have to do is sign a form telling them there isn't anything bad in it.

  • Patrice 5 years ago

    Nice article, our trash service is through Republic Waste and on Monday's they pick up the recycle trash so we do quite a bit of recycling mainly, paper, plastic, and cans but it sures adds up from one week to the next.

  • Charles 5 years ago

    Americans get so lazy about the whole recycling thing, but if the dump was in their backyard...they might care.
    This isn't a liberal issue. It's a matter of taking care of the Earth for future generations. I don't want our grandchildren to think we were self-centered because we destroyed rainforests and couldn't even take the time to recycle cans, papers, or plastic.

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