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Recycle: Why bother?

Not the kind of Trashy you want to be...
Not the kind of Trashy you want to be...


  • Tomas 6 years ago

    Hey! Recycling is good, but so are tramp stamps.

  • Samuel 6 years ago

    I drop off my motor oil at Jiffy Lube. They'll take it and recycle it. all you have to do is sign a form telling them there isn't anything bad in it.

  • Patrice 6 years ago

    Nice article, our trash service is through Republic Waste and on Monday's they pick up the recycle trash so we do quite a bit of recycling mainly, paper, plastic, and cans but it sures adds up from one week to the next.

  • Charles 6 years ago

    Americans get so lazy about the whole recycling thing, but if the dump was in their backyard...they might care.
    This isn't a liberal issue. It's a matter of taking care of the Earth for future generations. I don't want our grandchildren to think we were self-centered because we destroyed rainforests and couldn't even take the time to recycle cans, papers, or plastic.

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