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Recycle Valentine classroom cards into a game

Recycle the small, classroom Valentines into a card game.
Recycle the small, classroom Valentines into a card game.
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Handing out small Valentines to a class is a common American tradition. The cards usually come in a box that has four designs, and about 30 cards. Typically, the cards are the same size, about two inches by four inches, or just a little bit bigger than a playing card. These cards can be used to make a deck of cards for a card game.

If the cards are used, and have a signature on the back, just glue the cards to another piece of thick paper so that the backs will all look the same. Make sure the glue goes all the way to the edge so that the cards will be easy to shuffle. Round off the corners to make the cards easy to use.

If the cards are different shapes and sizes, glue them to a rectangle of stiff paper that is about ½ inch taller and wider than the card. When the glue is dry, cover the front of the card with wide, clear packing tape, to make them laminated. The tape will let the cards be shuffled without getting snagged on the glued edges.

If the cards are all from the same box, each picture or design can be a suit. Leftover cards from several different boxes can be combined to make suits as well. For example, the deck could have fairies, football, cars and animals for suits. Sort out 13 cards of each design and add the card numbers in the upper left corner and lower right corner of each card.

If the deck has two of a kind, it can be used to play Go Fish or Concentration.

A deck that has a lot of different designs can be used to play War. Count the number of items in the picture. If the picture has two fairies, write a large number two on the card with a permanent marker. If the design has one car, write a large number one. This deck can have as many cards and as many designs as desired, as long as the back of the cards look the same, and they are all the same size.

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