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Recycle that old baby gear


Do you have half of a garage full of baby gear? Are you still trying to find a home for your used strollers and car seats? BabyEarth, a retail store offering eco-friendly baby and children products also offers a recycling program for your used strollers, car seats, high chairs, diaper bags and jumpers.

If you are done with that jumper or car seat, send it to BabyEarth for recycling. Each piece is disassembled and all unusable parts are sent to a recycling center. Fabrics are sent to developing countries and metal, plastic and foam are used for construction projects.

Before you donate your used car seat to your close friend, be sure to check the manufacturer’s expiration date. Yes, every car seat expires and most manufacturers put a six year limit on the life of their seats. If you car seat is beyond the expiration date, BabyEarth is more than happy to take it from you and transform it into something another child can use.

Though most municipalities have recycling stations that take items not recyclable through the curbside programs, disassembling a high chair is not only laborious; the fabric, plastic and metal parts may have to be taken to three different recycling stations. In the efforts of saving yourself a Saturday morning, ship your items to BabyEarth.

If you no longer own the high chair or stroller’s original packaging, check your local bike shop or golf supply store for the perfect box to ship your used gear in. Both vendors typically have oversized boxes perfect for shipping large items such as strollers or high chairs.

BabyEarth’s recycling service is free; however, they ask that you cover the cost of shipping your used items. Once your item is packed, ship it FedEx Ground, where you’ll find the most competitive prices for shipping large items such as strollers.