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Recycle and repurpose a kiddie pool that leaks

This dog appears to be enjoying his swimming pool on a hot day.
This dog appears to be enjoying his swimming pool on a hot day.
Wikimedia/Peter Markham

A child's plastic swimming pool that leaks can still be useful in many ways, so don't throw it away when it can be recycled or repurposed and given a new life. Below are a few ideas that might spark more of your own.

Dog bath

If the plastic swimming pool has only a small leak, it can be used as a dog bath when the weather is warm enough to bathe them outside. Unless there is a large hole in it, the pool will likely hold water long enough to get your dog lathered up. Some dogs would also welcome a small kiddie pool filled with water as relief on a hot summer day.

Container garden

A garden of herbs and vegetables with shallow roots can be planted in a wading pool. If not too large, the pool can be easily moved around the yard to stay in a sunny or shady spot, as the needs of the particular plant dictates.

Chicken dust bath

Chickens love to take a dust bath and if the space they are contained in doesn't provide one naturally, you can make one easily with an old plastic kiddie pool. Simply fill the pool with a mixture of soil and/or sand and get ready to be entertained as the chickens “get down and dirty”.

Dog's whelping box

If your dog is ready to have puppies, you can make her whelping box from a child's wading pool. Line the pool with old (but clean) towels and blankets and the box should be able to contain the puppies for a short time after birthing. A large pool should accommodate most any breed, but even a smaller swimming pool should work for a small to medium-sized dog.

Under-bed storage

A plastic kiddie pool will fit under most beds, so use it to store shoes, toys, or seasonal items not needed on a daily basis. If you're a crafter, a wide, shallow pool will allow you to see more of your supplies at a glance. This is a great way to store yarn stash out of the way under the bed.

If on a carpeted floor, the pool should slide easily enough for even a child to gain access to what it contains. A plastic swimming pool has the added advantage of no lid that can close on a child's head or fingers.

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