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Recuperated, the 'Leverage' crew regroups

The Hitter (Eliot Spencer [Christian Kane (]), Hacker (Alec Hardison [Aldis Hodge (]), Thief (Parker [Beth Riesgraf (]), Grifter (Sophie Devereaux [Gina Bellman (]), and Mastermind (Timothy Hutton [Nate Ford (]) are back.  While trying to break back into the insurance gig and play it straight, Nate Ford witnesses a single dad and his daughter have an apparent car accident.  And while trying to save them, Nate sees someone stealing something from the wreckage.  So, after a hiatus and much reluctance from Nate, the disbanded crew of Leverage ( gets the band back together in order to take it to the limit one more time for the sake of the dad and his daughter.
Possessing some of the best chemistry in the game, the cast of Leverage picks up right where they left off last season without missing a beat (or in Eliot's case a beating).  Their base of operations in Boston now on screen--Portland, Oregon off screen--this episode deals with the impending bailout of a bank with heavy mob ties.  Dubbed The Beantown Bailout Job, it is an excellent episode, where, by the end, the hope is that the crew will stay together this time, and the wonder is how could they not?