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Recruiting: Step 3; creating an email template

Thoughtful email template= increase in ROI
Thoughtful email template= increase in ROI

Software Engineers, Visual Designers, and UX Designers are in high demand. Hooking a candidate that is contacted multiple times a week requires communication that grabs their attention. Create an email template that is general enough and allows you to manipulate a couple of sentences in order to tailor it to your recepient. Personalizing your message will give you a much higher ROI.

Include personal information that is specific enough to hook the candidate. For example, choosing a book: You will more than likely purchase a book by reading the back cover, the first few pages, or someone you trust refers you the book.

Your potential candidates will buy your message if you raise their interest level high enough to respond. The introduction sentence should entail something like this: “I am struck by your education in x and how it plays into your career now. It may not have much correlation or a lot and curious to understand through your shoes is probably difficult to comprehend via LinkedIn research.”

After you have hooked the candidate’s interest level, transition into your idea of how you believe they could be a fit for the role. For example, “It appears that you have the ability to create harmony in your work environment based on having experience as a manager.”

At this point, you have hooked the candidate and opened their mind to the idea of the position you are about to pitch. Before describing the position, introduce the culture of the company. For example, “I thought of you because x company is a great place to work because the team is x.

The next goal is to relieve the reader of pressure. This will allow the reader to remain open-minded and spare 15 minutes to speak with you. For example, “I am not trying to sell you on this job or be pushy. I just thought of you for this role and can be more strategic in what you are truly seeking in a position, if any. You may be happy where you are and cheers if that is the case. If you are thinking about a change of environment, please read the job description here:”

In sum, one way to create a successful email template includes a personal hook, a real example of how the candidate's experience matches the position you are pitching, description of the company, and remaining neutral in your closing paragraph.

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