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Recreate the look of Avatar's Neytiri

Get The Look: NA'VI
Get The Look: NA'VI
Milani Cosmetics

As you watched Avatar, didn't you feel like you were part of that world?  With 3-D glasses and IMAX, of course!  In 2010 makeup is about thinking out of the box, being bold and epic.  You can recreate your own Na'vi makeup using the boldest blues from Milani Cosmetics and become fearless, passionate and beautiful, as Netyri in the movie.  These are the must haves.

Milani  3D Glitzy Gloss, $6.49

Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows, $8.49

Milani Crystal Eyez, $6.49

*These products will be in CVS stores nationwide Feb 2010