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Recover from isolation caused by mental illness

There is life just outside waiting for you
There is life just outside waiting for you
Diana M. Little

It is common that people need supports in their lives to help each other through the difficult times in our lives. It is part of our connection to mankind to see and work with others every day. Interacting with other people throughout our day is vital to anyone, not just people in recovery. We need to laugh, love, spread joy, anger, and regret.

These many different interactions do many very helpful things for us. When we find ourselves down, it helps us smile more when we are happy. When we regret, it reminds us we are human. In the instance when we are laughing, we are not only bringing smiles to others, but we also are bringing joy into our own lives. Laughing is the one type of interaction we can have with others that promotes good mental and physical health for those who laugh often.

These simple interactions, we have with people every day, do much more than listed above. For many with mental health disorders these different interactions are vital to recovery. Many in recovery feel the need to isolate at home because of how they feel. It is important to get out and see others so that we can feel different than we currently do.

An interaction with others always changes our mood in some form. This type of change of mood can also be found in another type of recovery tool, distraction. When we open ourselves up to the idea of being in another environment other than at home, we find that we will be interacting with others. These simple interactions force us to think about something else other than our mental health status.

So if you know someone who is isolating, and needs some encouragement to change their mood, inviting them to do something, even if you have to pull them out of their home, it is always a good idea.


  • Diana Little 5 years ago

    Great article, Keith! It reminds me of what we were just talking about last night; how we need a support system, and we need to be distracted from ourselves when we are dipressed. I love all your writing : ) you definitely have a gift from God.

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