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Recording Artist Wolf Critton Releases New Video for CHINA DOLL

One of my favorite singles of 2013 was recording artist Wolf Critton's CONEY ISLAND. It was a song that spoke to me in a real way, showing the personality of a place and how it affected those who lived there. That single showcased what made Critton an artist to watch: his passion, his drive and work ethic were undeniable.

Less than 4 days after it's release the video reaches almost 30k views

In 2014 he has been constantly recording, performing and honing his craft, sharing all that he is with the fans he has garnered. On Thurs. April 10th he released the video for his new single "China Doll", and let than a week later it already has close to 30k hits you Youtube! When you think about the way he is able to rally his supporters online and through his events, it's no wonder that people are eating up the latest musical offering by this talented individual.

During my initial conversation with Critton he shared that when it comes to music and the power it has it is "Something bigger than myself." What initially came out of a place of hurt and betrayal, has led him to finding a part of himself he didn't know existed. He quickly learned that whether he was playing music for his fellow soldiers while in Iraq or an audience that had paid to see him perform, the thing they all had in common was the connection they felt to his songs. "I know that if you want to help people they have to be able to relate to you," he says. That is what he believes is happening with his music today. "This is a passion of mine that is helping people."

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