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Recording Artist Alvin Garrett Exposes the Key to His Success

Singer/Songwriter writes from the heart
Singer/Songwriter writes from the heart

While so many in the entertainment industry are struggling to find their place, recording artist Alvin Garrett is winning just by being himself.

As a singer/songwriter and musician Garrett has found his voice and is not afraid to share it with the world---and the way the world is responding to his project EXPOSE YOURSELF shows they like what they're hearing. "It's very rewarding to see the response," the artist told me during our recent conversation. "I've been pushing this album, and people are loving it. My fan base is growing. A lot of people are getting to know who I am through my writing."

And it's not just the writing on his own project that is getting him much-deserved attention. Over the past couple of years he has had work he's written for other artists (like Joe) be praised as well. "In today's industry you have to have a diverse body of work," Garrett explains. "With mine each aspect of what I do strengthens the others. When other artists listen to my project it gives them more confidnece to work with me as a writer and producer." The fans appreciate it as well.

How did Alvin Garrett find the courage to step outside the box of just being like everyone else and be himself? He explained it to me this way: "I spend so much time behind the scenes being a musician, and I've seen that challenge with others. It's easy to lose that passion when you are disconnected with who you really are. As an artist you have to be authentic. You have to be willing to deliver a message that you truly believe in or else you can't effectively connect with your fans and your audience. People want to know that it's really you that they are listening to and supporting." For him being true to yourself is key.

That realness definitely comes out in the tracks of EXPOSE YOURSELF, especially the single Never Gonna Find. The chorus says this: "I'm never gonna find a love like yours, so girl I'm gonna hold on to you. Never gonna find someone to blow my mind. I'll never find another girl like you..."

What inspired the song? "It just came from thinking about long-term relationships," Garrett explained to me. "My parents are still married, and I grew up in a loving household. My father taught me how to love a woman. I always aspired to have that kind of relationship of my own. I think people search for the wrong thing (in relationships), but when you find that right person you have to hold on to them because you might never find that love again."

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