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Record-setting Mt. Dora team tops official prize list in women's state tourney

The members of the record-setting Putting Out Fires team, L-R: Brigette Harrelson, Kimberly Roe, Christina Hardee, Katie Thornton.
The members of the record-setting Putting Out Fires team, L-R: Brigette Harrelson, Kimberly Roe, Christina Hardee, Katie Thornton.

A record-setting performance by a Mt. Dora team and two individual titles by Beth Owen-Cipielewski of Sarasota were the top listed performances when the final, official prize list for the Florida Women's State Bowling Association's championship tournament in Fort Myers was posted Friday (June 20).

The team called Putting Out Fires posted a four-bowler scratch series of 2,842, which shattered the previous mark of 2,736, held by Titusville's Finest since 2008.

Katie Thornton led the scoring onslaught with a 791 series that included a 289 game, while Christina Hardee added 726, Brigette Harrelson rolled 675 and Kimberly Roe added 650.

In all, it was an incredible performance by the team, as the four ladies averaged a composite 226.13 in tournament action. Hardee had a nine-game all-events pinfall of 2,123, while Thornton had 2,062, Roe 1,997 and Harrelson 1,959.

"It was certainly an incredible weekend," Hardee understated. "The weekend was full of fun, both on and off the lanes, and there are memories with these amazing ladies that I will always look back on, as well as looking forward to many more."

Three of the team members had impressive collegiate careers. Harrelson bowled for the University of Central Florida and was a 2007 Team USA member, Thornton competed at Webber International University and is currently a coach there, and Roe bowled for Bethune-Cookman. In addition, Thornton is sponsored by Ebonite, and Hardee is sponsored by Storm and Vise grips.

"We really have to contribute a lot of our success to how close of friends we are on and off the lanes," Hardee said. "We try to keep the energy high and positive, even after open frames and splits, and the team chemistry is a perfect mesh."

The Mt. Dora quartet also added the championship in handicap team with a score of 2,923, while Hardee settled for the runner-up position in scratch all-events behind winner Jenn Boisselle of Palm Harbor, who finished with a nine-game 2,161.

Owen-Cipielewski bested Boisselle for both of her championships. The Sarasota righthander was a runaway victor in handicap all-events with a score of 2,317, as compared to Boisselle's 2,206, and the two ladies had respective one-two finishes in scratch singles with 759 and 751.

Owen-Cipielewski also shined in other tourney events, being runner-up to Leanne Damminger of St. Augustine in handicap singles (854-843) and finishing third in scratch all-events (2,065). In addition, she teamed with Janis Caffee to finish sixth in scratch doubles (1,285) and seventh in handicap doubles (1,444).

The other tournament titles went to Jean Clearwater and Cindy Grich of Sarasota in handicap doubles (1,495), and Boisselle and Ashly Galente in scratch doubles (1,383).

Highest scratch game during the five-weekend tournament run was posted by Caitlin Smith, a 299, while Owen-Cipielewski and Boisselle had high series with 759 and 751, respectively.

The final, official top three -- along with prize winnings -- in each of the tournament's eight event categories, plus Sarasota-Manatee-Charlotte entrants who cashed and low-to-cash figures:

  • HANDICAP TEAM: 1, Putting Out Fires (Mt. Dora) 2,923, $800; 2, All Bright Windows (Sarasota) 2,836, $700; 3, Pinbusters (Hernando) 2,761, $558. [Other area cashers: 9, Misfits (Englewood) 2,729; 20, Pet Passings (Port Charlotte) 2,707; 26, Strike Force (Port Charlotte) 2,692; 33, Manatee Mamas (Bradenton) 2,681; 38 tie, Venice Foursome (Venice) 2,667; 40 tie, Balls Of Fire (Punta Gorda) 2,662; 50 tie, Happy Hookers (Bradenton) 2,653.] LOW TO CASH: 2,653.
  • SCRATCH TEAM: 1, Putting Out Fires (Mt. Dora) 2,842, $250; Gaines Team (Orlando) 2,489, $150; 3, Girls On Fire (Palm Harbor) 2,471, $100. LOW TO CASH: 2,350.
  • HANDICAP DOUBLES: 1, Jean Clearwater and Cindy Grich (Sarasota) 1,495, $500; 2, Ashley Barnes and Peggy Parker (Sarasota) 1,479, $400; 3, Lois Jones and Sherry Smucker (Pensacola Beach) 1,477, $316. [Other area cashers: 7, Beth Owen-Cipielewski and Janis Caffee (Sarasota) 1,444; 21 tie, Yvonne Pippin and Heatherly Faulkner (Venice) 1,402; 28 tie, Barbara Norris and Lindsay Norris (Arcadia) 1,396; 37, Linda Cook and Dottie Ceurter (Sarasota) 1,387; 39, Brenda Wright and Nicole Wright (Bradenton) 1,384; 54, Rochelle Banks and Gabriella Barone (Parrish) 1,370; 61 tie, Janice Muri and Karen Shaffer (Sarasota) 1,365; 65, Diane Mann and Donna Green (Bradenton) 1,362; 67 tie, Lisa Johnson and Lenna Phillips (Bradenton) 1,361; 73, Pat Peters and Gail Fargo (Arcadia) 1,359; 84 tie, Nancy Wroe and Kim Blue (Port Charlotte) 1,352; 95 tie, Cindy Meals and Lise Yust (Englewood) 1,347; 97 tie, Linda Mazner and Nancy Furman (Punta Gorda) 1,346; 97 tie, Elizabeth Marshall and Heather Ridge (Bradenton) 1,346.] LOW TO CASH: 1,346.
  • SCRATCH DOUBLES: 1, Jenn Boisselle and Ashly Galante (Palm Harbor) 1,383 $230; 2, Elise Bolton and Kimberly Adler (Orlando) 1,342. $130; 3, Shaye Vasturo and Melissa Ramirez (Davie) 1,329, $90. [Other area casher: 6, Beth Owen-Cipielewski and Janis Caffee (Sarasota) 1,285.] LOW TO CASH: 1,272.
  • HANDICAP SINGLES: 1, Leane Damminger (St. Augustine) 854, $225; 2, Beth Owen-Cipielewski (Sarasota) 843, $125; 3, Bernice Layton (Winter Park) 794, $125. [Other area cashers: 8, Rochelle Banks (Sarasota) 764; 18, Jean Clearwater (Sarasota) 745; 29, Pat Peters (Arcadia) 734; 60 tie, Darlene Brown (Port Charlotte) 719; 70 tie, Nyla Carr (Port Charlotte) 714; 76 tie, Alecia Morris (Port Charlotte) 712; 76 tie, Denise McCarthy (Punta Gorda) 712; 85 tie, Linda Manzer (Punta Gorda) 710; 91 tie, Donna Green (Bradenton) 709; 105 tie, Karen Shaffer (Sarasota) 706; 105 tie, Kathleen Wolstenholme (Sarasota) 706; 144 tie, Donna Gonthier (Port Charlotte) 699; 148 tie, Mary Raper (Punta Gorda) 697; 151 tie, Peggy Parker (Sarasota) 696; 183 tie, Linda Britt (Parrish) 689; 196 tie, Cindy Grich (Sarasota) 688.] LOW TO CASH: 688.
  • SCRATCH SINGLES: 1, Beth Owen-Cipielewski (Sarasota) 759, $100; 2, Jenn Boisselle (Palm Harbor) 751, $80; 3, Christine Hardee (Mt. Dora) 748, $60. LOW TO CASH: 658.
  • HANDICAP ALL-EVENTS: 1, Beth Owen-Cipielewski (Sarasota) 2,317, $200; 2, Jenn Boisselle (Palm Harbor) 2,206, $100; 3, Elizabeth Jacobs (Thonotosassa) 2,187, $97. [Other area cashers: 19, Lindsay Norris (Arcadia) 2,129; 36 tie, Donna Green (Bradenton) 2,108; 41, Cindy Grich (Sarasota) 2,104; 60 tie, Donna Gonthier (Port Charlotte) 2,075; 74 tie, Heatherly Faulkner (Venice) 2,067; 78, Sandy Combs (Sarasota) 2,066; 80 tie, Peggy Parker (Sarasota) 2,064; 85 tie, Pat Peters (Arcadia) 2,060; 85 tie, Amy Jo Yurkovitch (Port Charlotte) 2,060; 102, Dawn Holmes (Port Charlotte) 2,050; 106 tie, Dottie Ceurter (Sarasota) 2,048; 117 tie, Linda Manzer (Punta Gorda) 2,042; 128 tie, Darlene Brown (Port Charlotte) 1,039; 133 tie, Nicole Wright (Bradenton) 2,038; 148 tie, Pam Moore (Punta Gorda) 2,032.] LOW TO CASH: 2,032.
  • SCRATCH ALL-EVENTS: 1, Jenn Boisselle (Palm Harbor) 2,161, $150; 2, Christina Hardee (Mt. Dora) 2,123, $100; 3, Beth Owen-Cipielewski (Sarasota) 2,065, $75. LOW TO CASH: 1,906.

To view the complete, up-to-date tournament leaderboard, click here.

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