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Record lows about to be broken and all you need to know about the cold

Water vapor satellite shows the intrusion of the arctic air to the Guff Coast and eastern US
Water vapor satellite shows the intrusion of the arctic air to the Guff Coast and eastern US
NWS, Just In Weather

The arctic blast that has been expected for a week is moving into Maryland now. This will be the coldest air in almost two decades as over 25 states will record temperatures below zero. It will be compared to after the January blizzard of 1996, just without all the extra snow. However we are on pace to have a colder and snowier winter than normal. See my winter 2013-2014 Outlook calling for above normal snow.

It will feel as low as -25F in parts of Maryland
NWS, Just In Weather

The Wind Chill numbers will make the headlines. This is what it will feel like to your skin considering winds 20 mph and gusting up to 45 mph at times. The Warning areas in Maryland are for values reaching -15°F to -25°F. The Advisory is for most places east of the mountains for -5°F to -15°F.

This will be a serious historic outbreak. Please consider your pets and do not leave them outside too long. They can get frostbite as well, especially on their noses.

Actual Temperatures Cold Enough

The bitter cold will set some records, but there are more to consider this Tuesday. Not only do we track the minimum temperature known as the daily low, but also the lowest maximum temperature or coldest high:

January 7 records that should be broken:


Min +8°F, 1988

Lowest Max: +22°F 1996

*This will depend on the temperature at midnight tonight. That will be the highest all day. The afternoon temperature might struggle to get back to 10°F in many places. So if you reset the numbers at daybreak, you might consider the afternoon one of the top five coldest in Baltimore history.

See the slide show Advisory/Warning Map and the Hi-Resolution NAM Model forecast temperatures


There are 3 days in Baltimore history that stayed in the single digits.

January 19, 1994 +5°F (Record low that day was -5F)

February 9, 1899 +8°F

February 10, 1899 +3°F (Record low that day was -7F)

Kid Weather App

This is a great time to work off unusual weather and see the app I made with my son (when he was 6 years old). It won a Parents Choice Award, was listed on's top 10 list of apps to teach kids science, and has been downloaded in 29 countries. We have over 400 items of trivia plus live weather and forecasts for kids. It's available on iTunes and for Android on Google Play and Amazon. See more and links for your device at

Records for Washington, DC


Min +5°F Set in 1884

Lowest Max: 18°F set in 1878

*Despite the midnight temperature, the afternoon could be considered the coldest in over 136 years


Min +8°F Set in 1988

Lowest Max: 21°F set in 1996

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