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Record cold, wildfires, and shipwrecks

Almanac 5 September 2014
Almanac 5 September 2014
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

Record cold, wildfires, and shipwrecks top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service archives here are the events that happened on September 5.

1866 - The wood schooner Asia, while carrying 400-500 tons coal, was bound Erie, Pa. for Chicago, when she went on Spectacle reef in the Straits of Mackinac in Lake Huron in a fog and big seas in a gale. Her crew abandoned in her yawl and made it to Mackinac Island. New and sturdy, it was expected she could be saved, but after about 1/3 of her cargo had been recovered, the vessel was abandoned in mid-October.

1904 - The wood schooner Swan, while carrying fruit, had sought shelter from a gale at Scott's Point, near the northern end of Lake Michigan and her captain had gone ashore for assistance. As the storm increased, his wife, daughter and the boat's one regular sailor fought to keep her afloat until they were rescued by fishermen the next day.

1933 - Wildfires were under control in the western U.P. until a high wind developed and rekindled the flames.

1954 – Record heat dominates this day as Detroit climbs to 99°. Grand Rapids also sets a new record with 92° and Flint at 94°.

1984 – Cold air impacts the state on this day. Marquette sees a record low of 32° and Sault Ste. Marie 34°. Detroit experienced a record low of 42°. This was the first of 2 consecutive days to experience a record low. On the 6th, the temperature dropped to 38°.

1988 – Cold air pours into the Great Lakes on this Labor Day. Several cities set records for the coolest high temperatures. Grand Rapids only climbs to 60°, Lansing 59°, Alpena 57°, Detroit 62°, Flint 60°, Houghton Lake 58°, and Marquette 51°. Flint tied this record in 2011 and Alpena set a new record of 56° also in 2011.

1997 - Cool weather prevailed with scattered frost and a record low of 34° at Lansing. It was slightly warmer in Flint, but they still set a record cold temperature of 38°.

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