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Record breaking snow in TX?

Feb 2010 snowfall
Feb 2010 snowfall
Jeremy Lee-Park

Believe it or not there's snow in Texas.  This past 2009, Christmas there was even a white Christmas.  Now February 11, 2010 there is a chance of record breaking snow fall in Texas for the day predicted to be 5-8 inches.  There is a weather saying in Texas that goes, "This is Texas weather."  Although Texas weather hardly ever means there is snow here.  What "Texas weather," typically means is one day it can be freezing cold then the next day 80 or even 90 degrees.  This is the most official snow in Texas since 1978.  In counties west of the DFW area they're expecting up to a foot in snow.  The whole country is getting hit hard by snow and inclement weather.  The nation's capital, Washington D.C., was shutdown completely February 10, 2010.  Although there is this odd, rare snow fall here in Texas there is some beautiful scenery, at least beautiful to fellow Texans, perhaps due to Texans not used to seeing snow, especially not this much in 1 day or even this total amount of snow.  On the bad side of this snowy, inclement weather here in Texas comes driving accidents on the road.  Texans aren't used to driving in inclement weather, and it will more than likely show tomorrow or even in the coming days in February.  Insurance adjusters and body shops will no doubt be busy in the upcoming days, due to Texans not used to these icy, snowy driving conditions.